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Entry for March 26, 2007


After reading the iridology report, it has me a little scared. I need to fix these problems now. I start googling for an iridologist in Markham and I find the first one and make the call. We talk about the cost and the method of treatment. She uses herbs and supplements so there is no sign of aromatherapy. Her price is reasonable and she will take the pictures and provide the treatment on the first visit. She also mentions the Nutri-body questionaire and the toxin foot bath.

I’ve heard about this foot bath before and I’m curious to know more. She says it takes 30 minutes and people always mention about the amount of energy after the treatment. This is definately something I need. I make the appointment for Wednesday evening.

Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Entry for March 26, 2007

Then I start reading the iridology report. It’s almost been one year and I had totally forgotten about the specific details in the report and knowing my new discoveries, I’m still in deep trouble. After reading the report, it is definitely the most accurate. Anyone who has any interest in your health should seriously research iridology and have a professional reading done.

I feel like an idiot for not continuing with the treatment. Interesting note? She mentions a possible imbalance with the prostate and what mineral supports the prostate? ZINC! And it was never ever mentioned…

I find it mildly amusing that a complete physical exam from a medical doctor turns up everything as normal and the alternative approach makes it sound like I have only months to live! Here’s the report:

Body Systems

Digestive: This system shows lack of tone at the cecum reflexing the pancreas and the descending reflexing the heart and upper abdomen. There are no signs of the autonomic nervous wreath at the cecum (reflexing pancreas), the descending (reflexing the upper abdomen) and the sigmoid (reflexing the lower abdomen, the pelvis and the small intestines (reflexing the low back) on the left iris and the cecum on the right. In these areas there is a minimal nerve transmission which would therefore make these areas weaker. This system also shows signs of significant diet abuse and possible yeast indications. Healing lines are starting to happen especially in the esophagus, ascending, transverse and sigmoid colon, small intestines and the pancreas.

Nervous: This system shows a tendency to general exhaustion and general state of anxiety even though the patient projects a calm demeanor. These two qualities may have emerged with the recent illness however, numerous cramp rings suggest otherwise. Radicals denoting sluggish impulse at the transverse reflex the cerebellum, subcortex, the limbic and sympathetic nervous system and well as the adrenal gland. Again, there are the beginning signs of healing at the pituitary, pineal, conceptual mind, the cerebellum and the sinuses. There are also indications of drug imbediment in the head area, but this too shows healing signs.

Cardiovascular: This system shows vulnerability to problems due to genetics and diet abuse in the past. The area where the heart is in the iris shows a large and deep lacuna with healing signs. There are also indications of vascular plaque and fatty buildup, sluggish circulation with a potential for serious cardiovascular problems, and a weakened and possibly anemic state. Although there was no mention of cardiovasular problems, this system needs to be addressed with immediacy.

Endocrine: This system shows an anxiety line running through the adrenal on both irises and a staircase lacuna at the pancreas on the right. Although this seems to cause an immune compromise to the system, there are healing lines. There are also indications of healing lines at the thyroid. The prostate though shows possible imbalance.

Immune/Lymphatic/Respiratory: The Immune System shows the effects of longterm use of medications for allergies. However, there are healing lines in the respiratory (trachea, tonsils), the endocrine (parathyroid), and the lower jaw and sinus. There are indications of an imbalance in the Respiratory System especially in the bronchioles and at the throat.

Urinary: This system may also be vunerable due to it’s close connection to the heart and cardiovascular system and to it’s function of filtering toxins. The kidney shows a huge lacuna, congestion and pathogenic activity at the bladder and tissue hardening. However, there are healing lines in these two organs.

Muscular/Skeletal: There are indications of connective tissue breakdown and possible effects of long term use of medications in this system. Some areas of the iris show high tissue acidity or inflammation.

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Entry for March 26, 2007

Woke up with the vibration. It’s the first day of my vacation and I feel so tired. I just don’t feel like doing anything but I have been thinking. If the vibration is worse when I take calcium wouldn’t that suggest that magnesium is the cause of the vibration? Seems logical so I’ll try something different today. I still have a full bottle of magnesium gluconate which is the form best absorbed my the body for a severe deficiency as recommended in Carolyn Dean’s book. It barely did anything for me when I took it the first time but now that I’ve discovered zinc as the reason for the loss, maybe switching might help. This form of magnesium comes in capsules of 100 mg so I’ll take two at every meal for 600 mg. Should be interesting to see what happens because that is half of my usual dosage. I’ll add vitamin A and vitamin E as the antioxidants.

I manage to find my health files in a box in the basement and I pull out the hair analysis and the iridology report.

As I take a look at the hair analysis report I notice that my level of magnesium and zinc are showing normal and chromium and silicon are off the chart on the high side. There is no way that this is accurate but I also happen to notice that a toxic element called “Zirconium” is very high as well as “Cobalt”. On another test performed by the naturopath, I notice that she did every test on the page except for? The Zinc Taste Test. I also notice that the pH level of my urine sample showed 8.0 acidic. But did she mention anything about taking vitamin C? Nope. It was one of the only things I was taking at the time. Classic…

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