Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 23, 2007

The dangers of messing with mineral ratios. This article basically sums up the past year in a nutshell. It’s scary but what other choice have I been given? Most of the doctors don’t believe in the magnesium deficiency not to mention the zinc and copper…

Each mineral in the body has an effect on all the other minerals. No mineral works alone. There is no way of telling what you are doing without the intelligent use of hair tests and kinesiologic testing. Feeling better is not really a criteria that a supplement is “working.” It is possible to make a person temporarily feel better by making their condition worse. For instance, lets take a fast oxidizer who has a high level of sodium and potassium; this means his adrenals are overactive or overstressed. This person is already overstimulating himself to keep himself going.

Now if he takes supplements like vitamin E and vitamin C, and a high B-complex stress vitamin, he might feel better. Yet he is really making his pattern worse. What happens is that the vitamin C, E, and B-complex raise the sodium and potassium even more. It is a drug-like effect, like taking a cup of coffee. The person notices a pick-up. What he will probably not be aware of is that by raising the sodium and potassium he has pushed himself closer to a heart attack. He will also not be aware that his calcium and magnesium levels are being lowered at the same time. If he keeps doing this, long enough, the calcium and magnesium levels–and the ratios between them–can move into a cancer resonance range.

In fact, if you change or rearrange a mineral pattern by 10-25%–in any direction–you can probably get relief from symptoms. You get short-term benefit by helping some parts of the mineral chart at the expense of others. Unfortunately, the damage you are doing does not show until later. It takes time to develop. So you never realize the harm you have done to yourself.

Believe it or not, many times you have to make a person temporarily feel worse to get him better. Let’s take the example of the fast oxidizer we were using before. The right way to help this person would be to lower his sodium and potassium levels. this would reduce the stress on his adrenal glands. It would slow down the person’s metabolism and prevent him from burning out his mineral reserves and collapsing. You have to slow this kind of person down to save his life. But when you do it, he feels worse. He doesn’t want to slow down. He wants to keep driving himself. A person like this won’t voluntarily go into a healthfood store and buy supplements that will slow him down. No one would ever take supplements that would make him feel worse. If a person took something that made him feel worse, he would stop, and if it made him feel better, he would keep taking it.

Now you can see some of the problems of randomly taking supplements without knowing what you are doing. So far, we’ve only mentioned four minerals, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. You can imagine how complicated it can get when you consider the relationship between the other minerals, such as copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, phosphorus, iron, and so forth. The only way you can tell what supplements to take for your specific physical/emotional imbalances is to use the results of hair analysis or kinesiological muscle testing.


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