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Entry for March 23, 2007

I did a quick google search about digestive enzymes. Looking at my supplement, I notice that something called papain is in the highest concentration so here’s what I found:

The Natural Protein Digestant

Papain is naturally occurring enzyme, obtained from latex of fruit of PAPAYA (Carica papaya Latex). The enzyme Papain is obtained by drying papaya latex by suitable method viz; sun drying, tray drying, spray drying etc. spray drying gives a fine powder, which dissolves easily in water to provide a solution of high proteolytic activity.

The crude Papain obtained from the crude latex is extracted, filtered, concentrated and finally spray dried into a very fine & soluble powder. All processing of Papain is carried out in aseptic conditions to suit for the pharmaceutical applications.

Papain is a mixture of proteolytic enzymes derived from the juice of the unripe fruit of the tropical plant Caroica papaya, commonly known as papaya. Papain hydrolyzes proteins to form oligopeptides and amino acids. Papain also contains the proteolytic enzyme chymopapain which differs from papain in electrophoretic mobility, solubility and substrate specificity. The molecular weight of chymopapain is approximately 27,000 daltons. Papain is used as a digestive aid. It is also used as a meat tenderizer. Papain has putative anti-inflammatory activity. The activity of papain is expressed in papain units or PU. The assay of papain activity is based on the hydrolysis of casein.

Pancreatin enzymes have two important functions in the body: digestion of foods and routine cancer eradication. Pancreatin is a mix of many different enzymes, and those involved in the digestion of proteins are also used to help eliminate cancers that occur. Cancer is often a disease of protein metabolism because the pancreatin enzyme cancer defense mechanism can be overwhelmed by consuming protein rich foods at inappropriate times or in excessive amounts. The body needs a time span each day approaching twelve hours or more without protein consumption for its pancreatin cancer defense mechanism to work optimally.

Pancreatin enzymes can be made ineffective by contact with acids or alcohols. A diet comprised mostly of refined foods and meats may result in an acidic body chemistry that depletes these enzymes. Cancer, once established, ensures its survival by continuously generating acid as it inefficiently metabolizes food. Consuming alcoholic beverages can also interfere with the defense mechanism. Many popular cosmetics that contain acids or alcohols are a special concern for skin cancer. Mercury leakage from amalgam tooth fillings is also debilitating to many enzyme functions.

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