Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 22, 2007

Ran out of enzymes today so I decide to go the entire day without them to see what would happen. I had a blueberry muffin for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, apple for an afternoon snack and chicken pasta for dinner.

By mid-afternoon and into the evening before dinner, I notice I have a lot of gas. The enzymes are working wonders because I haven’t had this much gas in a very long time. So whatever is still wrong, is having an effect on my digestion. Interesting because I was kind of under the impression that I had solved that problem. I was only taking the enzymes for the assimilation of the vitamins.

I really thought that the adrenal complex would make a difference to my overall energy but I can’t really say that it has. I added three potassium and three chromium yesterday. Chromium to remove the excess copper and potassium for my muscle twitching.

The vibration seems to back too. Very weak but noticeable. I really thought that taking the extra zinc had an effect on the vibration but I’m still taking the same dosage as I did when I had the four days without any vibration and it’s still there.

I’ve been keeping the same dosage and routine for the past two weeks and the only difference seems to be candida. I know candida can have an effect on the nervous system and cause gas so I’m wondering now if candida is the cause of the vibration? Only one way to find out I guess…Get rid of the candida.

Still vibrating…


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