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Entry for March 15, 2007

Tried something different today. In Ann Louise Gittleman’s book I’m reading about copper overload, one of the things she keeps saying is to avoid copper completely. This morning I took 50 mg of zinc without any copper and all morning my nose is itchy and my tongue is white. Candida has returned by taking high dosage of zinc. Why? I do some reading and it’s actually a good thing.

Often a copper elimination results in the flare-up of a candida infection and the many symptoms associated with candida. The major reason candida continues to exist in an individual is because they are unable to reduce their excessive copper storage in the liver and in the brain. Whenever they undergo stress of any kind, copper builds up in the tissues resulting in a bio-unavailability of copper. It is the bio-unavailability of copper which permits candida to thrive. In essence, sufficient copper cannot be mobilized out of liver storage because of stress and weak adrenal glands. When copper is out of balance, our bodies cannot control yeast overgrowth. This often lead to chronic candida albicans infections that are resistant to treatment.

Calcium tends to buffer the side-effects associated with a copper elimination. A person, in the process of eliminating copper should take three calcium tablets three times a day. Doing so will not stop the copper elimination from occurring, but will minimize some of the distressing side effects caused by a copper-induced calcium deficiency.

Anxiety and Panic States Resulting from a Copper Elimination

Individual suffering from a copper elimination frequently experience feelings of anxiety and tension and for good reason.

As copper levels in the blood increases, the amount of anxiety tends to increase. Panic attacks, as well as anxiety attacks are also commonly due to a copper toxicity problem. Panic and anxiety attacks are frequently associated with an excessive buildup of lactic acid, caused by an excessive secretion of the stress hormone adrenalin. A copper toxicity problem is a common cause of increased adrenalin secretion. Adrenalin secretion is increased when blood sugar levels are low. Adrenalin is both a panic and anxiety hormone. A reduction in copper toxicity is effective in reducing the incidence and severity of both panic and anxiety attacks.

The major emotional cause of an increase in adrenalin secretion is adrenal insufficiency/hypoglycemia-induced fear. Copper, in excess, is instrumental in increasing adrenalin output just as copper is associated with increased estrogen hormone output. As copper eliminates into the blood, the amount of adrenalin increases resulting in excessive lactic acid accumulation (lactic acid dehydrogenase – a zinc-dependent enzyme). A reduction in copper toxicity results in a reduction of the anxiety attacks.

Copper also stimulates production of the neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. It is also required for monoamine oxidase, an enzyme related to serotonin production.

The Value of Calcium in Preventing a Lactic Acid Buildup

While zinc and vitamin B6 serve to release copper from the tissues, they do not fully address the lactic acid problem. Individuals suffering from copper toxicity commonly have excessively high calcium levels, as determined by a hair analysis. A high calcium level indicates a calcium bio-unavailability, which, in essence, is the same as a calcium deficiency.

A calcium deficiency results in increased adrenalin secretion which in turn results in excessive lactic acid buildup in the tissues. Calcium is necessary to mop-up excessive lactic acid. As a result of a calcium bio-unavailability, lactic acid levels continue to increase. Increasing one’s calcium intake allows for calcium to combine with the lactic acid to form calcium-lactate resulting in a reduction or elimination of both anxiety and panic attacks. Because of a calcium bio-unavailability, copper-toxic individuals have little or no protection against a lactic acid buildup, resulting in the creation of more anxiety. Zinc deficiency due to copper toxicity can also result in anxiety states.

Copper Toxicity Correction

There are numerous ways to eliminate excessive tissue copper. Nutrients such as zinc, manganese, molybdenum, Vitamin B-1, vitamin C and vitamin B-6 have all proven effective in certain cases.


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