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Entry for March 14, 2007

Came across this today regarding Colloidal Minerals and magnesium. I’ve seen Colloidal Minerals in health food stores in the past but I have no idea what it is. I do some brief reading and pick some up on my way home from work.

How Important Are Magnesium and Colloidal Minerals?

Colloidal Minerals

One of the best ways to prevent magnesium deficiency is to take Colloidal Minerals – because the body absorbs 98% of these plant-derived minerals, as opposed to metallic minerals sources that come from ancient sea beds, ground up rock and soil and are only 8% absorbed by the body. Colloidal Minerals from plant sources are non-toxic and negatively charged; therefore, they are water soluble and easily dissolved without becoming involved in the digestive process. The natural negative electrical charge (which is a true hallmark of plant derived minerals) has significant benefits.

In essence, Colloidal Minerals are more beneficial in supporting magnesium deficiency or other mineral deficiency, as they exhibit properties that enhance absorption. Principles of biochemistry support the view that Colloidal Minerals may be more bio-available than minerals in solid supplement or food forms. Another good thing about Colloidal Minerals is that they are non-toxic, unlike other forms of mineral supplements, which can cause toxicity.

Diagnosing ourselves and implementing right supplementation for our unique lifestyles and bodily needs may prove to be a daunting task and not always accurate.

That last sentence is a doozy!! Sums up my life exactly.


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