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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 10, 2007

Inordinate craving for chocolate is a sign of copper toxicity? Yup. Had that for years…

Specific Food Cravings Indicative of Copper Toxicity

Individuals suffering from copper toxicity have quite specific food cravings. It is ironic but true, that individuals crave foods, which are high in the very minerals they are deficient in (bio-unavailability). A mineral is bio-unavailable when there is a deficiency of essential nutrients necessary to utilize the mineral. A cardinal indicator of a copper toxic individual is an inordinate craving for chocolate, a food which is extremely high in copper.

People generally crave the foods that they are allergic to. If you ask a person to write down all of their favorite foods, you could discover that all the foods on their preferred food list would make them feel better, if only temporarily. In other words, initially they would physically and emotionally feel a positive response. Whether you are craving chocolate or avocados, or any other foods high in copper content, if you persist in eating these foods day after day, there is an underlying reason why you are eating them.

Many individuals have an intense craving for beef (particularly hamburger) and for a good reason. These individuals are usually deficient in zinc, usually due to constant acute stress. Aside from oysters, herring, oatmeal, wheat bran, and brewers yeast, foods which are not generally eaten in large quantities, hamburger is one of the richest sources of dietary zinc. Individuals who are capable of enduring acute stress crave meat and various seafoods, which are high in zinc, such as oysters and herring. There is a definite link between food cravings, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and disease. You can learn a great deal about a person by the foods that they eat, and more specifically, by the foods they have an intense craving for. Most Americans eat only twelve to sixteen foods consistently, compared to primitive tribes who eat a diet that frequently consists of sixty to sixty-five foods consistently. If you write down what you eat all week you will more likely than not; note that you have repeatedly eaten much the same foods over and over again.


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