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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 10, 2007

These allergy symptoms are driving me crazy. My wife says this is the worst she has ever heard and she’s known me almost ten years. I recall something about “Copper Elimination” so I’m back to google to find out more.


A copper imbalance is present in over 50% of the mineral analyses received by Analytical Research Labs. Therefore, copper elimination symptoms occur frequently in the course of nutrition balancing programs. It is possible that copper toxicity may not be revealed on the hair test, yet one may experience the symptoms of copper elimination. This can occur because some individuals have hidden copper toxicity. Excessive copper is present in the body tissues, but is not revealed on the hair test because the copper is sequestered in other organs and tissues. In these cases, often the copper imbalance will be revealed on the second, or third hair test as copper is mobilized from tissue storage sites.

Common symptoms associated with copper elimination include, fatigue, mood swings, depression feelings, anxiety, mind racing, insomnia, skin rashes on the face and trunk, nausea and headaches. Occasionally old fears come to mind, since copper is associated with fears. Free-floating anxiety occurs at times. Copper causes a slight detachment from reality. When the copper is eliminated, one loses that detachment and for this reason can experience temporary anxiety. Other less common symptoms include pain in the testicles in men, changes in the menstrual cycle in women and joint pains.

Symptoms of copper elimination can be alleviated by several different methods. To help lower copper quickly, adding Moly-Cu 1-1-1 (molybdenum, black radish root, kelp and parsley leaves) may be helpful. These remove copper from the blood. Zinc and vitamin B6 are also helpful for some people. A copper detox reaction may be slowed down by taking Calcium 2-2-2 and perhaps with lecithin capsules (6 to 9 caps per day).

While it may sound odd, occasionally it is necessary to take chelated copper for a few days to relieve a copper reaction. The beneficial effect of taking copper in some people occurs because copper is needed to produce ceruloplasmin, the serum protein that binds copper. If copper becomes biologically unavailable, ceruloplasmin is not produced in sufficient quantity, provoking symptoms. The copper tablet provides bioavailable copper to stimulate ceruloplasmin synthesis. It is like priming an old-fashioned water pump – adding some water in order for the pump to work. The copper also affects the mineral balance, raising sodium and lowering potassium. This may also be necessary temporarily to relieve symptoms if the sodium/potassium ratio is low.

Copper Elimination Reactions

During the correction of a copper imbalance, copper elimination frequently causes transitory symptoms. These symptoms may include, headaches, usually of the migraine type, skin rashes, free-floating mental depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, digestive disorders, abdominal bloating and a flare-up of a wide variety of chronic conditions related to a copper imbalance; such as hypoglycemia, candida albicans, etc.

These reactions generally last a day or two and then usually subside. In some cases, what appears to be adverse reactions may last for a month or more.


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