Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 07, 2007

Second meeting with the nutritionist tonight. I had a brief summary of some of my new discoveries since we last met a month ago. I also printed the artcle “Introduction To Copper Toxicity” By Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Larry Wilson as a reference.

She starts by saying that she’d like me to visit a naturopath for some testing. There are six different tests that she has requested but there is one small problem. For the tests to be accurate, I’ll need to stop taking my supplements for three weeks. She felt it was important to get a more accurate understanding of my deficiencies and weaknesses before starting any kind of treatment because right now, it’s a educated guess and I agree.

There is no way I can go without magnesium for three weeks. Anytime I miss one dosage I can feel the effect on my symptoms and the way I feel. I agreed to try it but explain that I don’t think I can do it. She said to contact the naturopath to arrange the appointment and speak directly to her about it. I can probably go without everything else except magnesium so I ask if I could switch to the homeopathic version. Again, she says I’ll have to check with the naturopath.

Here’s a list of the requested tests:

  • Food Sensitivity Work Up
  • Candida and Parasite Screen
  • Nutritional Deficiencies and Supplements
  • Toxic Metal Detection
  • Organ Stress Test
  • Geographic/Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Total Cost? $220.00 I wish the original naturopath did these type of tests. I might be a lot further ahead instead of wasting my time with the hair analysis and the hormone test.

I then show her my new research and talk about a zinc deficiency. Explain my experiements with high intake of copper and zinc. Told her about quitting the candida diet and having better success with copper and zinc than the diet itself. She looks up zinc in her nutritional book and gives a list of foods high in zinc. I also ask her about the copper/zinc ratio. I’ve read everything from 6-1, 10-1 and even 30-1 so which one is it? She says it should be a 6-1 ratio. She also says that I shouldn’t take more than 100 mg a day.

She wants me to continue with the candida diet and we talk about the types of foods that I can eat. I mention about the carrots and other vegetables high in sugar. She said I could have any kind of vegetable in moderation and that even potatoes are okay. She writes out a list of acceptable candida foods.

She’s still taking a very slow approach and I agree with her direction but I’m really looking for results.

I leave her clinc and although I agree with what was said, I really believe I’m on the edge of success with the zinc and I’d like to try a few things myself before I commit to her program.

Still vibrating…


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