Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 05, 2007

For the past two days I’ve had a stronger vibration than usual and the only thing I’ve changed is the high dosage of zinc. Could this have an effect on my magnesium? Yup.

Inhibitory effects of zinc on magnesium balance and magnesium absorption in man
H. Spencer, C. Norris and D. Williams

Metabolic Research and Research Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Hines, IL 60141.

OBJECTIVE: Both zinc (Zn) and magnesium (Mg) are widely used as nutritional supplements and the possibility was considered that Zn may interfere with the absorption of Mg, similar to previously reported results obtained with the same dose of supplemental Zn on the absorption of calcium (Ca). METHODS: Mg absorption studies and metabolic balances of Mg and of Zn were carried out in three groups of adult males in a metabolic research unit during the intake of supplemental doses of 142 mg Zn as Zn sulfate (ZnSO4) during Ca intakes of 230, 500 and 800 mg/day.

RESULTS: The Zn intake of 142 mg/day decreased the Mg balance and Mg absorption only during the 500 mg Ca intake compared to control values. However, the overall effect of the high Zn intake of the three groups combined, regardless of the Ca intake, was a highly significant decrease of Mg absorption and of the Mg balance.

CONCLUSION: Zn supplements of 142 mg/day decreased Mg absorption and the Mg balance significantly during all Ca intakes for the three groups combined.

My conclusion? Zinc supplements of 75 mg/day will cause decreased Magnesium absorption.

I’ll reduce my zinc today to three doses of 12.5. I’ll also try not taking my multivitamin to reduce the copper intake and I’ll take the zinc two hours after the magnesium.

Still vibrating…


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