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Entry for March 05, 2007

Woke up this morning and my nose is stuffy again. How is this possible? I have two bananas and an apple for breakfast. It’s stuffy for most of the day so was it the high intake of fruit or the high dosage of zinc?

With dinner I decide to take one 25 mg dose of zinc instead of the 12.5. By the time I’m ready for bed, my nose is already feeling a bit better.

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Entry for March 05, 2007

Foods that can Make the Liver Work Harder

Saturated fats are harder for the liver to process. Limit high fat meats like sausage, bacon, salami, hot dogs and high fat dairy products like whole milk, ice cream and cheese, which contain saturated fats.

Other foods to limit that have a lot of saturated fat are french fries and high fat snack foods like potato chips, Doritos and Cheese Doodles.

Limit processed foods like white bread, white rice, cakes, cookies, donuts and candy. Add whole grains like whole grain breads and cereals, brown rice, quinoa and barley to your diet.

Limit caffeine to 2-3 cups/day. Caffeine is broken down by the liver and may make it more difficult to cleanse the liver. Coffee, tea and most sodas contain a lot of caffeine.

Foods for the General Health of the Liver

Soy Beans contain lecithin which helps the liver break down fats and helps reduce high cholesterol levels; lecithin also helps maintain healthy membranes around liver cells.

Cayenne Pepper contains many phytochemicals including beta-carotene and lutein and is rich in certain B vitamins as well as vitamins C and E. It also aids in digestion.

Lemon is a bitter, acidic food which is helpful for general cleansing of the body.

Walnuts are a source of arginine which helps the liver detoxify ammonia, a waste product in the body; they are also a rich source of glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids.

Wheatgerm has arginine and essential fatty acids.

Caraway Seds contain many flavanoids and carotenoids which act as antioxidants. Caraway is helpful in liver and gallbladder disease and helps produce glutathione in the body.

General Tips for Foods that are Especially Good for the Liver

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and lightly cooked vegetables especially dark green, leafy vegetables and orange, yellow, purple, and red colored fruits and vegetables—they contain living enzymes, fiber, vitamin C, natural antibiotic substances, and anti-cancer phytonutrients.

Eat foods that are rich in glutathione or help to produce glutathione in the body. Asparagus, watermelon, broccoli and boldo are good sources of glutathione while papayas and avocados are foods that help the body to produce glutathione.

Bitter foods like dandelion greens, mustard greens, bitter melon, Romaine lettuce and broccoli raabe can help in cleansing the liver.

Herbs like dill, caraway seeds, garlic, onions, boldo, turmeric and cayenne are easy to use in cooking and can help protect the liver.

Green tea has immune-boosting properties and contains less caffeine than coffee.

Drink lots of water (6–12 cups per day) because it helps the kidneys to get rid of the toxins that the liver has broken down.

Omega-3 fats are very helpful. These fats are found in cold water fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and halibut. Other good sources are ground flaxseeds, flaxseed oil and walnuts.

Nuts, seeds, and avocados are good food sources of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats that are less harmful to the liver than saturated fats.

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Entry for March 05, 2007

Two more things I’ve noticed about a zinc deficiency. Only a few days of taking a higher dosage of zinc and I’ve noticed that my hair loss is actually improving. I noticed my hair loss improving when I had the riboflavin injections too. Funny how the two are connected.

I’ve had early hair loss since by mid-twenties so here’s another example of my long term illness. One barber I went to actually suggested that my early hair loss was because I was using cheap no-name shampoos! What did I know at the time? I bought the brand he recommended and did it make any difference? Nope. None whatsoever.

The second thing I’ve discovered is the lack of smell. I’ve also had that for years and I always blamed it on my allergies. I have no change with my sense of smell yet but we’ll see …

I also found a reference to things that will help the absorption of zinc. Amino Acids:

L-cysteine: Concomitant intake of L-cysteine and zinc may enhance the absorption of zinc.

L-histidine: Concomitant intake of L-histidine and zinc may enhance the absorption of zinc.

L-methionine: Concomitant intake of L-methionine and zinc may enhance the absorption of zinc.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC): Concomitant intake of NAC and zinc may enhance the absorption of zinc.

I stopped taking my amino acids a while back but I guess I’ll add it back.

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Entry for March 05, 2007

What foods are rich sources of zinc?

High-protein foods contain high amounts of zinc. Good food sources for vegetarian people include dairy products (milk, curd, yoghurt), beans and lentils, peanuts, peanut butter, seeds, fortified breakfast cereals, and wholegrain cereals. Pumpkin seeds are considered to be one of the most concentrated vegetarian dietary sources of zinc.

Dietary fibre (phytates, found in cereals, legumes) can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb zinc. Zinc is best absorbed by the body when taken with a meal that contains protein.

Red meat and poultry also provide good sources of zinc. Zinc absorption is greater from a diet high in animal protein than a diet rich in plant proteins. Thus, fruits and vegetables are not good sources of zinc. Cooking helps reduce the adverse effects of both phytic acid and dietary fibre on zinc absorption.

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Entry for March 05, 2007

For the past two days I’ve had a stronger vibration than usual and the only thing I’ve changed is the high dosage of zinc. Could this have an effect on my magnesium? Yup.

Inhibitory effects of zinc on magnesium balance and magnesium absorption in man
H. Spencer, C. Norris and D. Williams

Metabolic Research and Research Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Hines, IL 60141.

OBJECTIVE: Both zinc (Zn) and magnesium (Mg) are widely used as nutritional supplements and the possibility was considered that Zn may interfere with the absorption of Mg, similar to previously reported results obtained with the same dose of supplemental Zn on the absorption of calcium (Ca). METHODS: Mg absorption studies and metabolic balances of Mg and of Zn were carried out in three groups of adult males in a metabolic research unit during the intake of supplemental doses of 142 mg Zn as Zn sulfate (ZnSO4) during Ca intakes of 230, 500 and 800 mg/day.

RESULTS: The Zn intake of 142 mg/day decreased the Mg balance and Mg absorption only during the 500 mg Ca intake compared to control values. However, the overall effect of the high Zn intake of the three groups combined, regardless of the Ca intake, was a highly significant decrease of Mg absorption and of the Mg balance.

CONCLUSION: Zn supplements of 142 mg/day decreased Mg absorption and the Mg balance significantly during all Ca intakes for the three groups combined.

My conclusion? Zinc supplements of 75 mg/day will cause decreased Magnesium absorption.

I’ll reduce my zinc today to three doses of 12.5. I’ll also try not taking my multivitamin to reduce the copper intake and I’ll take the zinc two hours after the magnesium.

Still vibrating…

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