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Entry for March 04, 2007

Discovered a book written by nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman that details the body’s copper imbalance. I looked it up in my library directory and ordered it.

Why Am I Always So Tired?: Discover How Correcting Your Body’s Copper Imbalance Can Keep Your Body From Giving Out Before Your Mind Does.

Copper overload is an insidious but increasingly common nutritional problem, says Ann Louise Gittleman, author of the bestselling Beyond Pritikin. She says that difficulty getting out of bed, midday slumps, mood swings, insomnia, and anxiety may be symptoms of a copper/zinc imbalance. She discovered this link after she encountered several patients in her nutritional practice–most of them women–who were not suffering from hypothyroidism, adrenal problems, or anemia (as she had suspected), but rather a mineral imbalance.

To remedy the overload, Gittleman outlines an easy plan for renewing health and increasing energy. She includes a questionnaire to help determine if copper overload may be a problem for you; gives resources for hair analysis in case your doctor doesn’t have one; instructs on how to read a tissue-analysis report; and outlines a sensible diet plan, including menus to keep the zinc/copper balance in check.

“Copper is an essential mineral and is required for normal health. However, in excess its presence in biological systems can become detrimental as illustrated by Bertrand’s Law of optimal nutritive concentration of an essential trace element. Conditions associated with copper deficiency are well known, although other than inborn errors of metabolism such as Wilson’s Disease, the effects of copper excess are not widely recongnized. Ann Louise Gittleman’s book is probably the first to deal with the subject of copper excess in the American population. A condition that is becoming more prevalent in each generation but clinically unrecognized until now.”

I went to her web site and there was a audio seminar section called “Are You a Copperhead?” I listened to her talk about excess copper and zinc deficiencies and one of the things that stood out for me was how having a fear of heights and hair loss can be related to a zinc/copper imbalance. Both of which, I’ve had for years. And the constant tireness? Yup…for years…


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