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Entry for February 24, 2007

The front page of the current Markham newspaper has a very sad story about a seven year old child who has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

30 months of chemotherapy and it went into remission but late last year, the blood disorder returned. Doctors at Sick Children’s hospital told the family chemotherapy will help keep blood cancer cells at bay, but the real cure may be in a bone marrow transplant.

The family, including his three older siblings, were tested in January and none were appropriate matches. Understandably, they decided to launch an aggressive public awareness campaign, asking people to take a simple blood test in the hope of finding a suitable donor.

Knowing the link between Leukemia and the hydro transmission towers, I decide to look up the family name in the Markham area. It’s a unique family name and shouldn’t be too hard to find as the article included the name of his public school. It’s in the area of Markham Road and 14th avenue. I know right away that the area has hydro transmission towers in that exact area.

I find only one match for the family name in Markham and using the postal code, I look it up using Google Earth. The program zooms in to the same area of Markham Road and 14th avenue. Using the measurement tool, it’s only 529 metres from the hydro lines. And the school that he goes to? It’s even worse: 286 metres.

I happen to mention this story to a few close friends. After I finish telling them, one of them tells me that he lost his cousin at the age of 21 to Leukemia so I ask him where he lived. In the Islington and Rexdale Blvd area and he gives me the street name. I’m not familiar with the general location so I type the street into Google Earth and it zooms in. I can tell by the distinct green patches that it’s in the area of the hydro transmission lines. I take the measurement tool and he lived 748 metres away.

So does long term exposure to hydro transmission lines cause Leukemia? You decide.

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