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Entry for February 21, 2007

Consumption of high-copper foods like chocolate can cause a zinc deficiency? Low riboflavin can cause low zinc levels? Okay, sounds like we have another piece of the puzzle. I’ll add zinc back to the routine.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc metabolism is closely related to Candida because 1) the zinc/copper balance is critical, and 2) zinc is required for many essential enzyme systems, including production of digestive enzymes and synthesis of all body proteins.

A zinc imbalance is indicated on a tissue mineral chart by a zinc level less than 12.0 mgs/% or greater than 20.0 mgs/%, or a zinc/copper ratio greater than 12.0 mgs/%. A phosphorus level greater than 16 or less than 12 may also indicate a zinc imbalance.

Deficiency of zinc is common for several reasons:

• Use of superphosphate fertilizers and hybrid crops have contributed to widespread zinc deficiency in all foods.

• Processing and refining further depletes foods of their zinc content. For example, zinc loss occurs in the conversion of whole wheat to white flour, in the conversion of sugar cane to white sugar, and in spraying of frozen and canned vegetables with EDTA to retain color.

• Foods, relatively low in zinc, such as chicken and fish are being increasingly substituted for higher-zinc foods such as beef and red meats. Soy protein, commonly substituted for beef, is low in zinc.

• Stress of any type results in zinc depletion.

• Zinc deficiency is accentuated if copper exposure is high, because of a copper-zinc antagonism.

Copper exposure is higher today for several reasons:

– Birth control pills raise tissue copper levels by raising estrogen levels.
– Copper is absorbed from the Copper-7 intrauterine device.
– Water remaining in copper pipes.
– Stress causes copper levels to increase, by causing a zinc deficiency.

High Copper to Zinc foods: Chocolate, avocados, grapes, almonds, peanuts, mushrooms, crab, crayfish, legumes.

Zinc supplementation has been found to improve the body’s resistance to infection by candida albicans. Dissolving a zinc lozenge in the mouth may be more beneficial than swallowing a tablet or capsule.

Other nutrients, especially iron, zinc, folate, vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 are not fully available in the body without adequate supplies of riboflavin.


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