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Entry for February 19, 2007

The other day I picked up a free health magazine called “Healthy Directions” Ontario’s Natural Health and Nutrition Guide. I read an article that suggested cardiovascular disease was caused by vitamin C deficiencies. I could only find this short preview of the article online:

Stop North America’s #1 Killer
By Thomas E. Levy, MD JD

The battle to stop North America’s #1 killer, cardiovascular disease, will only be won if treatment is provided for the root cause of arterial lesions. According to Dr. Levy, a board-certified cardiologist, there is a substantial body of existing medical data that shows the initial cause of all arterial lesions is a “focal scurvy” in the coronary arteries.

This type of localized (or focal) scurvy can occur in different tissues of the body, even in the midst of a seemingly adequate supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential in the manufacturing and maintenance of the heart’s collagen-rich basement membrane. When insufficient quantities of vitamin C are available to maintain the basement membrane, it becomes watery. This allows substances in the circulating blood to “leak” through the cracks between the artery’s surface cells. And, just as when your body senses a break in your skin and creates a “scab” to seal the wound, the body sends materials — also known as plaque — to seal the cracks in the arterial wall.

Rather than treating plaque formation, steps should be taken to eliminate the culprits that cause the focal scurvy. A failure to solve this problem means the arterial wall will never heal and the body’s attempt at shoring up the dangerous loss of integrity will continue — often in spite of the drugs, surgeries, and therapies employed to control arterial plaque.

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