Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for February 17, 2007


Before my health problems I was around 200 lbs. At my first doctor’s appointment, I weighed 203 lbs. I lost about 20 lbs because I was feeling sick most of time. Once I figured out what was making me sick, I went back up to 200 lbs.

Then when I started acupuncture, I had a doctor who wanted me to eat one apple every morning with a bowl of oats for breakfast. Then I added bananas and different fruit everyday. I’ve always loved fruit but for whatever reason, I never ate any. After a few months, I lost the 20 pounds and I did nothing but change my diet. Once I discovered my vitamin and mineral deficiencies, I started eating a lot more vegetables.

Then recently, I started the candida diet cutting out all sugar and carbohydrates. I weighed myself after a couple of weeks and I was disappointed that I wasn’t losing any weight despite only eating celery, cucumbers and protein.

I weighed myself this morning and I couldn’t believe it. I’m under 170 lbs!!! So I lost 10 lbs since I started the diet. I’m starting to use the fifth notch on my belt buckle if I wear a t-shirt around the house. I’m sure I’m down to a 34 inch waistline. And it’s all from eating a healthy diet with absolutely no exercise.


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