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Entry for February 12, 2007

Today I wanted to try going back to the garlic. I don’t really have the time to take it when I’m home on the weekends. So it’s back to work, and back to taking garlic. I wanted to try a higher dosage and I manage to eat three cloves of garlic before noon.

I checked in the mirror and I have thrush. It’s been better than this so how did it get worse? I had a cucumber for breakfast, plain yogurt and garlic so how did I get thrush?

I mentioned my morning experiment with my wife and she checked with her friend who also has candida. He said that taking garlic will kill the good bacteria as well as the bad and was the reason I have thrush. I can’t imagine garlic being that bad so I decide to do some research:

Supporting probiotics with diet

It’s important to support probiotic use and your existing friendly flora through optimal nutrition, especially by minimizing refined sugar and processed foods in your diet. For more information refer to our nutritional and lifestyle guidelines.

Good bacteria feast on fiber. The bad guys love refined sugar and animal fat. Given a ready supply of vegetables, legumes and whole grains, good bacteria live long and prosper. Polyphenols, found in foods like garlic, green tea and ginseng, are also helpful in fostering friendly flora.

Fermented foods such as miso, tempeh, soy sauce and yogurt are renowned for their health-boosting qualities. They introduce active probiotic cultures that help wedge out unfriendly bacteria by competing directly with two main food poisoners: the toxic strains of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Many longevity experts have extolled the health benefits of eating fermented foods — now you know why!

A few nutrients called prebiotics have been isolated that set the stage for probiotic survival. These include fructooligosaccharides (FOS), and inulin, which are natural sugars found in bananas, chicory root, onions, leeks, fruit, soybeans, sweet potatoes, asparagus and some whole grains. Prebiotics help probiotics survive passage through the acidity of the stomach and foster their growth in the intestines and colon.

A night of trying to find any reference to the fact that garlic is bad for your intestinal flora and I’ve found nothing. The above article states that garlic is good for your flora so I don’t know what to think. I ate three cloves of garlic and I ate them with plain yogurt. Then I come across another reference:

Some manufacturers have enteric-coated their garlic powder so that it would bypass the stomach. Assuming the best, that a high quality garlic powder is used initially (one that is not exposed to high temperatures which can deactivate alliinase), this form of garlic could potentially deliver alliin and alliinase to the intestinal tract. However, simulated intestinal fluids have been shown to inhibit 40% of the allicin production. The remaining allicin may exert anti-microbial effects on bad bacteria, however, it may also destroy friendly bacteria.

So does this explain the thrush? Possibly, but I’m also using the Colloidal Silver. Can that have an effect on the friendly bacteria? Yup…

Top grade Colloidal Silver contains 99.999% pure colloidal silver particles 0.0001 microns in diameter with a concentration of 20 parts per million that have little effect on the friendly bacteria in our digestive tract. However, be aware of products with higher concentrations as they can attack friendly bacteria just like some antibiotics. This could upset your natural balance and lead to other complications. With colloidal silver, higher concentrations are not necessarily better. As a matter of fact, the opposite is usually true.

The spray that I have is only 5 to 6 ppm but I’ll see if there is any change tomorrow without the garlic and if not, I’ll stop taking it altogether.

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