Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for February 08, 2007

Tonight I met with the nutritionist. I had eleven pages of my lengthy health history in my hand as well as my diet diary from the past week. We sit down in her small office and begin.

I tell her that she has the best advantage of any doctor so far. For the first time, I have a summary of what every doctor has said and a detailed history of my symptoms, opinions, successes and failures. I hand her the diet diary and my health history. She briefly reviews my paperwork and she starts by asking me about my history and what each doctor had said.

Over the next two hours I explain everything in more detail going through my health history. She asks me questions along the way and explain further if I need to. This time, I didn’t leave anything out.

I talked about the internal vibration, blood tests, urine tests, Plantar Fasciitis, eating fruit, pinching on my face, stress, nerve tingling, suspected tapeworms, my wife’s pregnancy, suspected thyroid, experimentation with vitamins, the Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy, naturopath, vitamin C and Acidophilus, Hair Analysis Test, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, high blood pressure, Wendy Mesley, Hydro transmission towers, Acupuncture, Triglycerides, Niacin deficiency, alkaline stomach, microwaved food, Chiropractor, Wheatgrass, hormone test, iridology, myelin sheaths, magnesium, Osteopath, Romania, riboflavin injections, Neurologist, Anxiety, Paxil, Yeast Buster Kits, garlic, low potassium, stressed adrenals, and candida.

I explained about the hair analysis and how the naturopath said I didn’t show a magnesium deficiency in the results and I explained about how there is only one test that is considered accurate. The Blood Ionized Magnesium Test and I further explained that I never pursued it because you need to stop taking it for the results to be accurate. I didn’t see any point because it’s only going to tell me I have a deficiency and I know that already.

I made sure she understood the importance of taking it and how if I miss one does, I can notice a difference. She commented that the same thing applies for the vitamin/mineral testing. It requires no supplements for about three weeks for accuracy and there is no way I could do that. I could probably go without everything else except my magnesium.

Half way through, she explained that she was part of a discussion group and asked if I minded if she discussed by unusual case with other health professionals. She was quite interested and very serious about everything I mentioned. She suggested that I could have an electrolyte imbalance. After I finished, she said that what I had compiled was a fantastic wealth of information and that I had done a lot of research. She said I was very aware and knowledgeable about what was going on and asked me what I expected from her.

WOW! I was totally blown away. For the first time, instead of having someone lead me into a direction I didn’t want to go, I am being asked what I want. Very impressive.

So I said my long term supplementation with magnesium isn’t getting any better so there has to be a problem with a mineral co-factor and I suspect it could have a link with high sugar intake. I further explained about how stressed adrenals can cause a loss of potassium. She suggested doing a liver cleanse to support the adrenals and focus on body organs to support the rest of the body. This sounded great and not sure why this was never mentioned before.

She also mentioned Genestra again as being the “Rolls Royce” of vitamins and that you can only find it in health stores where they have an association with a naturopathic doctor or a type of certification.

She didn’t ask for any payment and didn’t make any suggestions regarding supplements. She finished the meeting by saying she didn’t want to suggest anything before talking to her discussion group and I was totally fine with that.

Still vibrating…


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