Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for February 05, 2007

With me starting Zinc for my nerves, have I noticed any difference? Nope. But the interesting thing is I was looking up hair mineral analysis again and came across low zinc levels having an effect on a high Aluminium reading.

Aluminium – High

The Aluminium (Al) level in hair is a reliable indicator of assimilation of this element, provided that hair preparations have not added exogenous Al. Al is a nonessential element that can be toxic if excessively assimilated into cells. Excess Al can inhibit the formation of alpha-keto glutarate and result in toxic levels of ammonia in tissues. Al can bond to phosphorylated bases on DNA and disrupt protein synthesis and catabolism. Al excess should be considered when symptoms of presenile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are observed.

Hair Al is commonly elevated in children and adults with low zinc and behavioral/learning disorders such as ADD, ADHD and autism. Individuals with renal problems or on renal dialysis may have elevated Al. A complex of malic acid and Magnesium has been reported to be quite effective in lowering Aluminium levels.

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