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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for February 03, 2007


Went to the library today and decided to pick up some books on nutrition and good health. Reading material for the GO train. I’ve skimmed through a few of them since I’ve been home and already I have some interesting things to consider.

One of the books I picked up is called “Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry and Nutrition”. Dr. Jensen is the same author who wrote the book on iridology called “Beyond Basic Health”.

I firmly believe that optimal health can’t be obtained from a standard type of doctor. The body’s chemistry has very important relationships and ratios that are essential to maintaining the functions of the human body.

Here’s what I found interesting so far:

Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry and Nutrition

Page 02: Chemical Needs of Body Organs: Adrenals/Zinc

Page 22: The following diseases and conditions indicate amino acid deficiency:

– Anxiety, Candida Albicans, Magnesium deficiency

I have three things that indicate an amino acid deficiency and from the research from earlier this week, I’ve decided to try the amino supplements again. I’ve don’t recall reading about the suggestion of zinc for the adrenals so I’ll add that as well. Zinc is in my multivitamin but I want a higher dosage. My Nutritional Healing book mentions that pantothenic acid is very important and stressed adrenals can cause the depletion of potassium in the body. And Potassium is a key factor with….magnesium.

I managed to find a super strength formula made by Swiss. The suggested dosage is six capsules per day but I’ll start slow and go with three. Here’s what it says:

Some Amino Acids act as neurotransmitters or precursors of neurotransmitters (chemicals that carry information from one nerve cell to another.) Therefore, certain amino acids are necessary for the brain to receive and send messages. Amino Acids also enable vitamins and minerals to perform their tasks effectively. Although vitamins and minerals are absorbed and assimilated by the body, they remain ineffective unless the necessary Amino Acids are present.

Ingredients: Glutamic Acid (1563.03 mg), Serine (470.94 mg), Aspartic Acid (937.27 mg), Phenylalanine (284.77 mg), Tryptophan (173.26 mg), Isoleucine (499.51 mg), Methionine (18.43 mg), Arginine (232.24 mg), Valine (508.72 mg), Alanine (419.33 mg), Lysine (786.12 mg), Proline (517.02 mg), Glycine (147.46 mg), Histidine (162.20 mg), Tyrosine (272.79 mg), Leucine (936.35 mg), Cysteine (174.18 ), Threonine (658.02 mg)

I went back through the blog to find out when I first started taking amino acids. It was at the suggestion of my chiropractor on July 29, 2006. He suggested taking Lysine but I decided to get the amino complex instead. I started taking the SISU B complex vitamins around the same time and a week later, I noticed a difference with the vibration.

So was it the B vitamins or was it the amino acids? I’m thinking it was the B vitamins but maybe it was the combination of both?

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