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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for January 22, 2007


For some reason my wife was looking at my fingernails and commented on the fact that they all have little ridges running in vertical lines. But what does it mean? One web site suggested a magnesium/calcium deficiency another offered this analysis:

Fingernail Health – Some indicators of what your nails are telling you!

Your nails are a reflection of the health and wellness of your body. You can tell you a lot from looking at fingernails. It is true that abnormalities of the nails can often provide early clues to common medical problems or severe systemic diseases. Take a few moments and examine your unpolished fingernails under a good light. You will gather a new appreciation for how your lifestyle affects your nails and overall health.

Wasting away of Nails; Nail loses luster and becomes smaller, Injury or disease

Thickened Nail Plate: Poor circulation; fungal infection; heredity; mild, persistent trauma to the nail

Pitted Nails sometimes yellow-to=brown: Eczema or psoriasis; hair loss condition

Very soft Nails: Contact with strong alkali; malnutrition; endocrine problems; chronic arthritis

Spoon shaped Nails: Iron deficiency; thyroid disease

Clublike Nails – swollen finger ends: Chronic respiratory or heart problems; cirrhosis of the liver

Horizontal ridges: Injury; infection; nutrition

Longitudinal ridges: Aging, poor absorption of vitamins and minerals; thyroid disease; kidney failure

Colorless: May indicate anemia.

Red or deep pink: Can indicate a tendency to poor peripheral circulation.

Yellow: Could indicate fungus, diabetes, psoriasis, use of tetracycline, or heredity.

White, crumbly, soft: May be a result of a fungus infection

No Moons: Possible underactive thyroid; genetics

Overlarge Moons: Possible Overactive thyroid; genetics; self-induced trauma (habit tick)

Complete loss of Nail: Trauma

Nail Plate Loose: Injury; nail psoriasis; fungal or bacterial infections; medicines; chemotherapy; thyroid disease; Raynaud’s phenomenon; lupus

Brittle, split Nails: Nail dryness, nails in contact with irritating substances (detergents, chemicals, polish remover); silica deficiency

Pale, brittle nails, spoon-shaped or with ridges down the length – can signify anemia; this lack of iron can be due to inadequate nutrition

Thick, distorted fingernails can signify a fungal condition: If you have a fungal infection distorted fingernails could also be due to arterial sclerosis, so see your health care conditioner to rule that out.

Clubbed fingernails can signify a problem with your blood flow. See your health care practitioner.

White spots on your nails – is often due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Brittle and lifting easily from your nail beds, along with dry skin, always feeling cold and hair falling out – could indicate a problem with your thyroid gland;

Excessively flexible nails, may signify deficiency of calcium and sometimes protein.

Infected Nails: RED, TENDER, SWOLLEN, PUS: Bacterial or yeast infection

Whitish hue at base of fingernails, may signify liver trouble. If it’s a matter of cleansing your liver, taking milk thistle (silymarin) capsules, available at your health food store;

Splinters that don’t hurt – could be subacute bacterial endocarditis, a very serious condition. See your health care practitioner immediately!

Purple or black: Usually due to trauma, or may also be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Bluish nails – probably means you aren’t getting enough oxygen; combined with a cough and shortness of breath means heart failure or chronic lung trouble and you should see you health care practitioner;

A Brown or Black streak:, that begins at the base of the nail and extends to its tip could be a diagnostic clue to a potentially dangerous melanoma. See your healthcare provider.

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  1. Health question for Diary of Unknown Symptoms, referring to fingernail photo from blog entry of January 22, 2007.

    Dear Aaron, I have fingernails nearly identical to yours of 2007 (plus I have cold feet and hands-seeming cured by iron supplementation). Have you have found any thing to help bring the fingernails back to normal? Of course the fingernail problems are just a symptom of some major imbalance. Thanks, Bill Miesse.

    Comment by aaronjreid | January 23, 2011 | Reply

    • Hello Bill,

      Unfortunately no… at least not yet. I have found some improvement by taking some amino acids. Amino acid deficiencies are directly linked to fingernails. Do some googling and see what you find. I was taking Methionine for a while.

      Comment by aaronjreid | January 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. Aaron, my fingernails also look identical to the image you have for “Entry for January 22, 2007” (longitudinal ridges + slight concave/spoon). Info in your post and from others’ suggest that it’s probably due to iron deficiency and lack of other vitamins/minerals. But from my research, I didn’t see anything about lacking specific amino acids. Can you point to me some info? Also, your reply to Bill’s comments says you are seeing some improvements taking Methionine. How long was it from the time you starting taking this before you began to notice visible improvements? Thanks.

    Comment by James | March 5, 2011 | Reply

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