Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for January 18, 2007

Tonight we had a problem with the car on the way home from work. There was a grinding noise coming from the front wheel of the passenger side. I take it into Canadian Tire to see if they can look at it. It sounds like some ice is caught inside the wheel. I was with my wife and our baby was in the back seat.

I ask one of the oil changers about it and half reluctantly, he agrees to take a look. They lift the car up on the hoist and takes a quick look and finds nothing. He said I’ll need to get a brake inpection. I drive the car over to service and it’s almost seven o’clock. He tech says he can’t do anything tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I can’t leave the car behind because we’d have no way of getting home and we would need a car seat for the baby.

We really need to rent a car if we are to leave our car for a repair so we go driving looking for a car rental. We actually found one not too far away and as I knock on the window, I look at my watch. It’s ten minutes after seven.

The guy comes to the door to tell me that he is closed for the night. I explain that my car has no brakes and I have a baby that will be looking for food very soon. He smiles and agrees to help me. I fill out the paperwork and ten minutes later, I have a new car. I drive around to meet my wife in the parking lot and we try to install our car seat in the new vehicle. After a few minutes trying every way possible, we don’t have the proper connections to make it work.

We install the car seat back into the other car and we drive back to her parents house to change and feed the baby. Now that we have the rental car, I can drive the old car back to Canadian Tire to get it fixed and leave it overnight. It’s a short bus ride back so it’s not a big deal.

I drop the car off and walk back towards her parents house. So the old car is getting fixed and we have a rental car with no baby seat so we’ll have to stay overnight. I was very close to a Swiss Chalet and by this point, I was starting to get real hungry. Trying to keep with the candida diet, I order the quarter chicken meal with grilled veggies. I also picked up some dinner for my wife and her parents. Her father picked me up and we went back home. I was so hungry, after my meal that I ate two bread buns. It was against the diet but I was starving.

After dinner we needed to make a trip back to our own house for a change of clothes and supplies for the baby. Got back to the house around eleven o’clock. What an evening…

Still vibrating… in someone else’s bed…

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