Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for January 14, 2007

I switched back to eating garlic cloves. The garlic supplements don’t work for candida and I think that’s because they all say that it for lowering cholesterol and that’s not what I want it for. I guess it takes the chemical reaction to kill the candida.

Contacted the magnesium research group today and asked them abouth the factors that effect magnesium absorption. Here was the response:

“There are many causes. Too hot, too cold, illnesses, medications, stress levels, foods, and yes polution, noise, exercise that is over 30 min and taxing on the body, sweat,sweets, loss of potassium, low functioning adrenal glands,excessive estrogen, diet low in protien,high in sodium and fats,diuretic use, and diuretic foods=tea coffee, stimulants, hormonal changes, shifting of the mag homeostastis, or potassium homeostatsis.

The adrenal glands makes aldostrone and reenen. This process wastes potassium and magnesium follows potassium out of the body. The two follow each other in most people.”

So maybe that is my problem. I’ve been looking at other vitamins and minerals when in reality, it could be my low functioning adrenals and according to iridology, it is still a factor despite my supplements. I’ve taken potassium in the past but maybe it wasn’t enough. I received some other emails and some suggested my symptoms sounded like hypothyroidism! I do understand that my thyroid is being affected because of my basal temperature readings. I haven’t checked it in a while but I should think about that again. Also have to see if there is a link between potassium and the thyroid.

Time to contact the nutritionist. Finally got around to completing the forms and questionaires. I sent her 12 pages in total.


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