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Entry for January 07, 2007

I came across this opinion on a newsgroup of how to get rid of candida:

Candida is a result of altered intestinal environment. When the intestinal tract is acid, properly breaking down nutrients, and gets good blood flow for repair of the whole GI tract, candida cannot survive. It is when blood flow is restricted, and regeneration of the GI tract is not complete that causes candida to proliferate. So, your GI tract turns from acid to alkaline, the normal “holes” in your intestinal tract become enlarged and inflammed and you develop Leaky Gut syndrome, candida, and virtually any other symptom in the book. So, in order to FULLY get rid of candida, you need to change the environment in which candida lives. You can’t simply just KILL the candida.

So, your candida issue stems from a process known as “chronic bracing”. This is when blood flow is restricted to the GI tract for long periods of time. Bracing (restricted blood flow), is caused by stress. plain and simple. It is more specifically the stored stress in the hypothalamus that causes the problem. See, when we are constantly stressed out, even at very low levels, we are unable to let it go. It gets stored in the hypothalamus. So, the result is, you are in a constant low level “fight or flight” mode. The blood goes to your muscles and your GI tract is starved. After all, your GI tract consumes the most amount of blood when resting than any other organ in your body.

So, look at how candida develops. Chronic stress leads to chronic bracing of the GI tract. When, the GI tract no longer regenerates properly, the environment changes to that favorable to candida. You develop leaky gut, allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any other symptoms in the book.

By practicing a technique called Skilled Relaxation (SR), you can reverse the stored stress in the hypothalamus and return blood flow to your GI tract. The environment will change and candida can’t survive. Look in the archives here for info on SR. You would need to practice it 2x a day for at least 20 minutes each time. It is best done first thing in the morning after waking and not within 2 hours of going to sleep. SR is powerful. 20 minutes of deep SR is like 24 hours of sleep.

Once you are reversing your chronic bracing with SR, there are other things you can do to get well quicker. You are doing most of them. You may need to add an antifungal (herbal) to your regimen. Grapefruit seed extract may be good for you right now because it doesn’t harm beneficial microbes. Another product called DC3 may be of help. It accomplishes the same thing. I would tell you NOT to use probiotics right now because they tend to be useless when one has a scortching case of candida.


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