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Entry for January 04, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day. Here’s an article I found on the importance of B6:


By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
September 29, 2004

Dr. Kilmer McCully, who discerned the importance of homocysteine in producing arteriosclerosis, believes that B6 (pyridoxine) has unique anti-oxidant properties that cause the human body to be protected from damage from sugar loaded diets by blocking the infectious problems usually caused by excess sugar. Studies have shown that individuals consuming Western diets are more depleted of B6 than other vitamins. Fats, which constitute 30 to 40 % of the calories in the Western diet, are lacking in water soluble B vitamins. Additionally, foods grown in soils fertilized for decades by NPK fertilizer (USA) are low in micronutrients including B6 even if grown organically. In addition to both these problems Vitamin B6 is fragile so much of the B6 found in western food is lost in food processing, storage, transport and cooking.

To compound this problem sugar intake depletes B6 from the body. The air we inhale, our food and medicines are full of substances that destroy B6 in our bodies and thus increase our need for it. Stress, which is high and rising, depletes the body of B6 as does the new sources of electromagnetic radiation according to Dr. Robert Becker.

Knowing the value of pyridoxine, Dr. John Marion Ellis, of Mount Pleasant, Texas gave thousands of people in East Texas 50 to 300 mg. of B6 daily. These patients made no changes in their diets, exercise, or smoking habits. Over a 10 year period Dr. Ellis’s patients had 73 % less heart attacks and anginal problems than persons living in the same region not taking B6.

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