Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for December 08, 2006


My follow up with the Doctor. I get weighed on the scale and my weight is 183 lbs. It’s getting better but my ideal weight should be around 170 lbs.

So the B6 test results…nowhere to be found??! He checked over his notes and he doesn’t have everything back yet.

Six weeks and no test results for a vitamin deficiency. This should really be no surprise because of my experience with the Thiamine test. The doctor said that they will follow up with the lab to find out what happened. (Why don’t they do this BEFORE the patient takes a day off work??) He mentions that there are seven other doctors with the same last name as him so usually when ever there is a delay, it’s sent to another doctor.

How reassuring…

He asks me about paxil. I told him that I had started taking it and it had no effect on the vibration. So what does he do? (I’m half expecting him to say let’s wait for the B6 test results.) Nope… instead it my worst fear. He has decided to increase the dosage and write the prescription.

He can write the prescription but this time I’m not going through with it. I’m not doing anything else until I get my B6 test results in my hand.


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Entry for December 07, 2006


Today I decided to tackle this candida on my own terms. So I started the Yeast Buster Kit from the local health food store.

I have a follow up with my doctor tomorrow and I’m really hoping he has my B6 test results. I’ve been taking paxil now for two weeks and guess what? No effect on my vibration whatsoever. I wish to god he’d deal with the root cause. I think deep down he’s pissed because I could be right.

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Entry for December 02, 2006


We’re settling nicely into our new neighborhood and we go to the nearest Home Depot for some supplies. It’s very close to the hydro transmission towers but I decide to go in anyway.

After being inside the store for about 10-15 minutes, I noticed I was feeling a very slight but very heavy pulsing sensation and it wasn’t one of my symptoms. I mention this to my wife and I’m a little freaked out so we leave the store.

The feeling stopped as we left the parking lot and I didn’t feel it again.

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