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Entry for November 30, 2006 *Moving Day*

Moving can be very stressful so today will be a great test for my symptoms. The doctors seem to think that it’s stress related symptoms and they couldn’t be more wrong. It really annoys me that they think it’s stress related but I keep telling them it’s not and they brush me aside. I stopped taking paxil a few days ago so today will be a really good test. I didn’t really feel any effects good or bad from taking it and it had no effect on the vibration. If the deficiency still exists how is paxil supposed to correct the problem?

Having moved four times in the past six years we are no strangers to what is required to make a successful move, and the key for us has always been to hire professional movers. We moved from Oshawa to Markham and the weather was lousy. It rained all day long and well into the night, but at least the temperature was quite warm for the end of November.

We have never been so organized and prepared for a move, a feat that was not easily accomplished with our 1 year old daughter just learning to walk. We had 95 percent of our belongings packed and neatly labeled with U-Haul labeling tape that indicated the designation for each room and we were ready to go. The employees from the moving company commented on how organized we were.

The movers showed up with a truck at 8:15am. I took him around the house, room by room and by the end he told us that we wouldn’t be out of the house by 6pm and that all our belongings were NOT going to fit on the truck for one trip. I explained that the new owners would be moving in later today and legally we had until 6pm to get out. He promptly told my us that moves are very stressful and that we would most likely need to make two trips. He continued to tell us that there was no possible way for the new owners to have possession by 6pm and that there is the possibility that they might threaten to sue.

Throughout the morning, he attempted to pressure us numerous times to contact our lawyer to push for the key as soon as her office opened. They instilled in us a sense of panic and stress unlike the type of employee mentioned on their website who are “friendly, understanding, and dedicated to making your move as comfortable as possible.” His lack of professionalism made us seriously wonder if this wasn’t his first time working on a move.

As the move began, we asked one of the movers about wardrobe boxes for our clothing. He told us that they were already on the truck. We hadn’t even seen them let alone use them and it was never offered to us. We had to then scavenge around ourselves for a box for our suits and dresses and in the end we had to put them in a large stroller box that we found in our basement.

We have a strict non smoking household. We have a young child and I am allergic to cigarette smoke. We are not against taking a normal break for a rest and a cigarette break. But I was upset at the lack of respect they showed for our belongings as they sat in the half loaded truck sitting on our antique dining room chairs for cigarette breaks. We know that smoke can get into clothing and fabric which is why they should’ve at least had the courtesy to ask our permission.

The movers began taking open boxes containing last minute items such as bedding and towels that we were still packing or sealing. We told them not to take them as they were still needed and not taped closed. We were brushed aside and told that they would seal them for us. As we looked out the window we saw our unsealed boxes tossed on the truck with their contents falling out. It was still raining and the grass was starting to get very muddy. Not the sort of day to take anything out of the house unprotected in that manner.

As the movers continued to worry us about getting moved out by a reasonable time, they continued to push us to harass our lawyer to get the key sooner, a matter we both viewed to be none of his business. He was in talks throughout the morning with other drivers to see if he could get a second truck but to no avail. I suggested trying to get a U-Haul van to speed things up, and avoid requiring a second trip and the person in charge agreed that this would be a good idea.

Luckily we were able to, as in the end it is the only thing that made this move possible. At an additional cost of $200.00, it was the best money we spent all day. As I was walking up to the house from the U-Haul van, one of the movers commented that it was first U-Haul he ever saw that wasn’t broken down, such comments and attitudes are not only unprofessional, but don’t help to make our “move as comfortable as possible.” The movers helped us load the van, but wouldn’t allow us to use any of their blankets and we had to provide our own protection for our antique dining room table.

The movers had their undersized truck packed by 1pm. The head mover continued to tell us it was normal to require two trips in a move, something we have never had to do in our three previous moves. We unfortunately weren’t able to get into the new house until 4pm causing 3 hours of down time for the movers, which in past moves wasn’t an issue because they still would have been packing their truck with the entire contents of our house. We don’t have a large house, nor did we underestimate our belongings on the quote form, I just don’t understand how requiring more than one trip is considered normal. If the law states that an owner has until 6PM to move out then the moving companies should over estimate jobs, not under.

Our old house was a two bed room, 2.5 storey home with an unfinished basement and a loft with a family room and computer den. If two trips are so normal, then why when we filled out the on line form was this not mentioned as a possibility? It was never mentioned when I spoke to dispatch and booked the move. On our past move, we filled out an online form very similar to these movers and they had no difficulty estimating the truck size required. The home that TSC moved us from was a 3 bedroom, 2 storey home with a finished basement. We saved all of our boxes from the previous move and used every one of them again in this move. In fact, we only purchased ten small boxes to add to the previous total. Our only addition in belongings was a futon, a collapsible crib, a change table and three appliances, all of which were mentioned on the online form.

But all this was minor compared to the rude, disrespectful and unprofessional manner that we encountered once things started being moved into the new house.

The plan suggested by the head mover was to pack all the large items in their truck and the U-Haul leaving only small items and boxes left at our old house. Then, when we got into the new house, they would unload the U-Haul first so that I could bring it back to the old house to reload it all by himself. Because we still had belongings in the old house I stayed behind to gather what remained, leaving the movers alone in the new house. A big yet unavoidable mistake. The movers wanted to put all the boxes in the garage to make the move easier, but since it is a very small detached garage, we clearly requested that all boxes were to go to the basement unless marked for the kitchen, dining room and living room.

At around 7:30, as I was back at the old house loading the U-Haul in the pouring rain for a second trip, I received a call from the head mover to say that they were almost finished and could he quickly come to the house so that we could pay them. I explained to him that I was still loading the U-Haul van and at least an hour away. He still asked him to come over as he required our signature. He also wanted to know about the location of a china cabinet and a heavy corner cabinet. I clearly explained that the china cabinet was to go into the dining room and the corner cabinet was to go into the master bedroom. Because they made it sound like the job was almost completed, we decided it was best if I sent my wife ahead to meet with them. I was left to load the truck alone in the pouring rain, and she went ahead in the car.

When she arrived there at 8:30, she found the front door to the new house wide open, the truck was up the street with the back open, and none of the movers were in sight. She went into the house, found boxes and furniture carelessly dumped everywhere.

During the course of my telephone conversation with the head mover, I requested that the large heavy corner cabinet go to the master bedroom, that piece of furniture was sitting in the living room. She walked around our open, unattended new home for 10 minutes looking for any of the three movers and eventually found them sitting in the truck with their backs to the open door of our home having a break, a luxury my myself or my wife did not get all day.

When the movers returned to the house, she told them that the corner cabinet needed to go upstairs and asked if they could move another piece of furniture to the basement. This request was met with resistance and an argument from one of the movers and she was rather shocked at his response. He claimed he wasn’t told about the cabinet needing to go upstairs and behaved like the request was unrealistic. She told him that even if he didn’t know about the request for the cabinet to go upstairs, it still needed to go there. To her surprise he continued to argue.

She asked the head mover how much longer he thought they would be, and he felt it would be about another hour. My wife unfortunately needed to leave again to pick up our daughter, so she paid them up till 9:45, and told him that I would be there before they left with another load in the U-Haul truck. She paid him just following this altercation with one of his employees, and to our absolute shock the supervisor asked for a tip for “the boys”!!

When I arrived at 9:20, the movers had finished and were in their truck so I asked them if they could help me unload the U-Haul van, knowing that we were still paying them for another 25 minutes and they told me they couldn’t because they had another move to go to. He continued by saying that “if I wanted to offer more money he would approach the boys about helping!!!! So while we were still paying the professional movers to help us, I unloaded the U Haul van all alone in the rain and we still had one more U Haul trip to make and did not finish until 2 am.

We have moved 4 times now, in the last 6 years and never have we paid so much and had to work so long and hard ourselves to move. Never have movers treated our belongings and ourselves so unprofessionally and with such disrespect.

On moving day, you and your belongings are really at the mercy of whoever you have chosen to help you move. I would have expected better from a company with the numerous Consumer Choice Awards that this company has, and who charges the kind of rates this company charges. Our last move, everything fit on the truck and we were in our new home nicely settled in about 8 hours and we never lifted a finger, we only paid about $1000. They were very professional and all our instructions were met. This move about half of our belongings fit on the ‘professional movers’ truck, they took 10.5 hours to load and unload it, and I spent an additional $245.00 for a U Haul truck and gas and weren’t finished until 2 AM.

For the privilege of using an award winning company we paid $1800.00 and only half our possessions were moved! The employees were unbelievably unprofessional and our few instructions were met with arguments and confrontation. We were quoted 8 hours for the ENTIRE job, we ended up paying 15 hours for HALF the job and moved the other half ourselves.

Once we both returned to work and related our story to our co workers, many felt we deserved a full refund. We hired a moving company based on the strength of numerous Consumer Choice Awards, and unfortunately did not check the company’s track record with the Better Business Bureau. After doing a quick search, we learned that the company has had 48 complaints within the past 36 months. So out of curiosity, I decided to check our previous moving company as a comparison.

One complaint for the same time period. Enough said. And my symptoms? None. I took my regular routine of vitamins and dealt with the days events. What a day! We did manage to leave a small bonus for the new owner. We decided to leave the microwave behind…

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Entry for November 25, 2006

Since I’ve had such great results with the magnesium from Nu Life, I’ve been thinking for a while now of trying the Nu Life Multivitamin. I take a look at the ingredients and I’m totaly amazed. For every mineral they use the same formula as my magnesium: (Citrate, Malate, Fumarate, Succinate, Glutarate) plus it contains the active form of B2 and B6. WOW!

I’ll start by taking one twice a day. With the move coming up next week, this stuff could be what I need.

I’ve tried so many different brands of vitamins but this company seems to be the highest quality. By doctor actually recommended taking Centrum. Centrum’s formula next to Nu life is a joke by comparision. Centrum uses Magnesium Oxide… Enough said.

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