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Entry for November 13, 2006


Follow up with the doctor for my test results. He told me that not all of them were in but the ones that did come back were normal. So I asked what my triglyceride level was. He said it was a reading of 2.4 and that it was within the normal range and that it was nothing to worry about because anything over 2.5 is considered above normal.

What an interesting comment. My last blood test with him my triglyceride was 3.55 and the only reason I knew that was because I had him fax it to the naturopath. 3.55 sounds really high and he never mentioned it. The doctor at the walk in clinic mentioned it was high but shrugged his shoulders and said nothing else about it.

So then he asked me about how I was doing on Paxil. I told him that I took his advice and did some research on it. I continued to tell him about the multiple side effects regarding this drug and I told him I wasn’t interested in taking it.

He got really annoyed with me and perhaps rightly so. He gave me a lecture about how it was such a small dosage and that it was mandatory for the drug companies to list all of the known side effects. It didn’t mean a person would get all of those different side effects from taking the drug, they are listed because everyone can have a different reaction.

He continued by saying that all of the drugs available to treat anxiety have the same side effects because they all have an effect on the neurotransmitters.

I wasn’t really happy with his reaction I left feeling guilty for not trying it. I was really hoping for the results of the B6 test.

When I get into work, I look up the web site for the lab and I send them an email asking about the turnaround time for a pyridoxine vitamin B6 blood test. The lab returned my email within two hours and here is there answer:

“Our stated turnaround time is 15 days”

15 days? Okay, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s only been 11 working days.

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