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Entry for October 18, 2006

And now the response to Pinkwashing… Glad I’m not the only one.

Letters: Breast cancer commercialization
Oct. 13, 2006. 06:19 AM

Re: Are we getting pinkwashed? (Oct. 6)

Samantha King’s article on the flood of breast cancer awareness merchandise was both timely and accurate.

As a breast cancer survivor, I am so sick of the commercialization of the entire breast cancer campaign. T-shirts, duct tape, cellphones — what are they thinking?

I’m all for raising breast cancer awareness, but how about we start with the family doctors. You know, the ones who send their patients home (the ones who just found a lump in their breast) telling them that at 35, they are too young to get breast cancer. No ultrasound. No mammogram. What about breast cancer awareness for men? Both my father and my uncle died of cancer that had spread from their breast into their lungs and bones. Janet Boccone, Toronto


FINALLY, someone has written an article that we who are breast cancer survivors can agree with. We are worn out by all the pink rip-offs trying to “help” us when all they are doing is filling their coffers.

Thank you for your article. Dotti Campbell, Crossville, Tenn.


I admire you for putting into print so many of my own thoughts about fundraising for specific diseases. In some ways breast cancer is considered “sexy” — not in an erotic sense, but in it being “okay” to have, to be public about, to support as a worthy cause. It really concerns me as other devastating diseases are ignored.

When did you last see a bumper sticker “I survive schizophrenia every day of my life”, or a T-shirt emblazoned with “My sister is bipolar, I am not, but neither of us is crazy”.

No one sends baskets of fruit, bunches of flowers, or boxes of chocolates to a psych ward patient.

How about a coin with a black centre for depression? Even better, make those coins out of cardboard as a reflection of the worn-out attitudes, patched together system, and general shabbiness of our society toward� one-fifth of its members.

Liz Powell, Elliot Lake


Kudos to Samantha King for voicing the opinions and concerns that I and many of my friends have regarding the breast cancer campaign. I cringe when October approaches simply because of the media blitz promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Unless you have just arrived from Mars, I think the majority of individuals, especially women, are “aware” of the devastations caused by this insidious disease.

I am truly sick of the way we are being placated and manipulated into believing that a cure is just around the corner. I am tired of being “pink-ribboned” to death.

Christine Filippelli, Mississauga


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