Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for September 23, 2006

Previous Night Vibration Status: Extremely Weak
Morning Vibration Status: Extremely Weak

Today I’m in the health food store to pick up some enzymes. I won’t bother getting the same as last time because it’s so expensive and I didn’t really notice any difference.While I’m in the store, I always like to look around and make new discoveries and I come across a men’s supplement for omega 3. I check the ingredients for the amount of DHA and I notice that it contains Bioperine. Bioperine is the black pepper extract that I’ve been looking for a while without any luck. I’m about to run out of my omega 3 anyway so I pick some up.

Some googling and I find a magnesium supplement that contains Bioperine for better absorption.


High Absorption Magnesium contains elemental magnesium chelated with the amino acids glycine and lysine. It is a “di-peptide” chelate, which means that each magnesium atom is chelated with two amino acid molecules. It has a low molecular weight of 324 daltons, which is ideal for optimum absorption. Bioperine is a patented herbal extract that enhances nutrient absorption.

As an essential dietary mineral, magnesium plays many important roles which include: helping cells produce metabolic energy, supporting optimum nerve function, helping muscles relax properly and maintaining a healthy heartbeat. Glycine has been shown to be an efficient carrier for minerals that facilitate absorption in the intestine tract. Glycine is used by the body to form collagen, a key protein in cartilage and connective tissue. Lysine is an essential amino acid that assists gastric function.

Glycine is a highly effective mineral chelator. This is because it is a low-molecular-weight amino acid, hence is easily transported across the intestinal membrane. A study conducted at Weber State University found this particular magnesium glycinate was absorbed up to four times more effectively than typical magnesium supplements.

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