Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for September 19, 2006

Previous Night Vibration Status: Extremely Weak 
Morning Vibration Status: Normal vibration

Woke up with the vibration. Yesterday I had a bowl of cereal with milk and I suspect that is the problem. Calcium. I’ve decided to cut down on my vitamins and only take magnesium, boron, niacin, omega 3, lutein and enzymes. I stop taking potassium.

I never noticed any difference taking potassium.

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Entry for September 18, 2006

I made an appointment with my Orangeville Doctor today. I haven’t seen him in sixteen years but I’m hoping that he still has my records. I want to find out the date that I went to see him for my allergies. Maybe I’ll run the magnesium deficiencies by him and mention the injection. It’s a real long shot but I’ll try it just to see where it goes.

He sure looks a lot different sixteen years later! I start with the date of my allergies. He says legally, they only have to store them for five years but he likes to hold onto his. He says my records have been archived abd he should have no problem lookig up the date for me. He asks if I have anything else and I swing into magnesium deficiencies.

He doesn’t appear convinced and says it is very difficult to actually lose the body’s magnesium. I counter with my fifteen year diet of no fruits and very little vegetables. I mention about my symptoms and the frustration over the past 18 months and suggest a magnesium injecton.

He sympathizes with my fustration but he wants me to follow up with my own doctor (Which is what I thought he would say…) I always have to defend myself or explain with convincing arguments whenever I mention a magnesium deficiency. Everything I’ve read talks about how 80-90% of people are deficient in magnesium but someone is not telling the doctors…

He said he would mail the allergy dates to my house.

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