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Entry for September 12, 2006


Here’s what it says about magnesium on their web site:

Magnesium is required for the production and transfer of energy from protein synthesis for contractility of muscle and excitability of nerves and as a co-factor in a myriad of enzyme system. Magnesium is a natural claiming mineral which aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension, assisting digestion, and activating enzymes. Magnesium also aids regularity, is necessary to keep vertebrae in their proper position, induces restful sleep, purifies and purges the body tissue, and lowers fever.

Natural Sources: nuts, whole grains, unpolished rice, wheat germs, and green vegetables

Magnesium-2000ppm– 10.0 mg / 5 ml (1tsp)

And here’s a detailed description of how their water is different:

The truth about old school bottled water.

The typical bottled water is either spring water, distilled, or reverse osmosis. Spring water is taken right out of the ground and is not treated or altered in any way. This kind of water may contain bacteria, and is often saturated with compound minerals such as limestone and salt. Distilled water is recondensed water that is basically free of any minerals. The distillation process kills most bacteria and viruses, however they can grow once the water has been bottled. Distilled water is highly acidic and dissolves the plastic containers it is sold and this is called leaching. This is why distilled water tastes so awful and it can also rob your bones of calcium and other minerals. Reverse osmosis is basically drawing water through a fine membrane filter which takes out microscopic pathogens. This process is dependent on the quality of the filter, the higher the quality the lower Total Dissolved Solids will measure in the water. Sometimes manufacturers add some compound mineral to the water to improve the bland acid taste, usually a magnesium helps mellow it out. Sodium flouride, the same kind that causes cancer, is sometimes added to stop bacterial growth.

Here is how Quench Essentials makes the world’s best new school water. The best tasting, best feeling, most satisfying, and best nutritional water around.

We pump water from a private underground source that we own. The water is demineralized of its hard compound minerals which are of little nutritional use. The water is then sterilized with powerful ultraviolet light then passed through a high quality commercial reverse osmosis system. After that the water is carbon filtered to remove any unpleasant tastes or odors that may remain. Then it passes through a restructuring system which re-arranges each water molecule in a uniform pattern erasing any toxilogical patterns that can persist even after potential toxins have been removed. The water is then ionized so that each water molecule becomes independent making the water more absorbable, this is also called dyne diminuation. Then using patented equipment the water is re-energized increasing the Kirlian energy level. Kirlian energy is only emitted from living systems, dead systems do not emit this energy, and dying ones emit very little. Now because our water also has a higher pH level than most bottled water it will not leach the plastic and take on a foul taste. Because of our one-of-a-kind system our water always tastes fresh and sweet, and stays that way no matter how long it is stored. Finally it is ready for the consumer.

We offer two varieties, just good re-energized living water as described above, and also the same with a full compliment of ionized monatomic elements from Boron to Zinc.

I skip my last dose of 300 mg magnesium citrate and replace it with one teaspoon of the magnesium water before I got to bed. Let’s see if it makes a difference.

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