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Entry for September 10, 2006


David Bridgman is a Natural Therapist specialising in Kinesiology practise in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. He uses a Bio-Resonance System to evaluate allergies, toxins and nutritional supplements.


David became an International Touch For Health Instructor in 1982.

Studied Advanced Kinesiology and Chiropractor Assistants Course with Philip Crockford and Dr Bruce Dewe MD(NZ) – TFH Faculty

Studied One Brain Basic and One Brain Advanced with Gordon Stokes (the developer) in Melbourne.

Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology with Trevor Savage ND from Brisbane
Asisted in putting together Touch For Health 4 and Touch For Health 5 with Dr Bruce Dewe MD.

He taught Touch For Health 4 and 5 (which later became the PKP1 (Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Level 1 course.)

Studied PKP Level 2 with Dr Bruce Dewe MD
Studied Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T) with Trevor Savage ND
Studied N.O.T with Dr Carl Ferreri DC, the developer of N.O.T. 3 times.

Health Issues and Conditions Treated:

All conditions presented are treated. However we specialise in treating the following:
all structural problems with muscles, joints and tendons
allergies and intolerances
blood sugar problems
immune deficiencies
cancer support
chronic fatigue
self-sabotage and phobias
emotional trauma.

Modalities Used and services Provided:

David Bridgman has been in practice since 1977, holding Diplomas in Naturopathic Nutrition and Iridology. He has a nutritional-based practice using detoxification, blood type diet, Bio-resonance computerised therapy, Kinesiology, Bio-feedback stress clearing and Bio-impedance longevity analysis and personal fitness programs.

David uses the following modalities in his busy clinics at The Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

Touch For Health – T.F.H.
Neural Organization Technique – N.O.T.
Hyperton-x Sports Kinesiology – HT-X
Bio Feedback
Products We Sell and Recommend to our Clients:
We use and sell Metagenics Naturopathic supplements/products and non-toxic personal care products, namely, Miessence and Intelligence.

Workshops Taught and Training Available:

Kinesiology Level 1
Kinesiology Level II
Kinesiology Level III
Kinesiology Level IV
Professional Kinesiology Practitioner – PKP 1
Mind and Emotions Clearing
Mind and Emotions Clearing Practitioner Training
Life Stabilisation Course
Blood Type Workshop
Men’s Prostrate Impotency Workshop
Street Safe for Women (self defence)
Goal Setting/Admin Scale Course
and a multitude of mini-educational workshops on various health topics.


Turn into Wynne Street off Beenleigh Rd, just west of the Pinelands Rd/Mains Rd intersection. Torbey Street is the first left in Wynne Street behind Shauna Downs Shopping Centre. Enter Office park and park near Office number 4.

For information about consultations with David Bridgman, Nutritional Health Practitioner, send a reply to this email, with “David Bridgman – Info Please” in the subject line.

To contact me on MONDAYS (ONLY), phone 0418 883 805, as I will not be answering the Gold Coast number.

If you feel we can be of assistance please give us a call on the above numbers.

David Bridgman


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