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Entry for September 03, 2006


A while back I had mentioned to my mother about having a B12 deficiency because she is a vegetarian. Her symptom is that she has sometimes has a nerve tingling on the top of her head. It’s the same kind of tingling that I have so I suspect that it’s related to the myelin sheath. She doesn’t seem to think it a vitamin deficiency so I did a bit of research and I came across this:


B12 is an essential part of maintaining the fatty acid balance in the myelin sheath, which is the living insulation cable around our nerves.  Cholesterol is an essential part of the myelin sheath which is 80% phospholipids and 20% proteins.  Essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which are found in fish oils concentrate in myelin.  B6 is needed for its development and growth.  Taurine stabilises electrical activity.  Carnitine inhibits degeneration of the sheath and thickens the fibres improving nerve conduction, particularly if diabetes is present.

Low B12 levels also contribute to carnitine loss through the kidneys.  So again where carnitine retention is essential for polio survivors, ensuring good levels of B12 are very important.

The simple test is to look at the moons on your fingernails.  Good B12 levels will give you white moon that come a third of the way up the thumb-nails.  We should have moons on all fingers, thumbs are the last to go.  If in doubt, ask your doctor to do a blood test for B12.  While he is at it ask for folic acid & thyroid function test (include T3, T4 as well as TSH) because low thyroid levels will increase your cholesterol levels as well as contributing to fatigue. When thyroid levels are low we feel the cold.

My parents came down today for a visit so I asked my mother if I could look at her fingernails. She had very little or no white moons in her fingernails so I asked if I could take a picture.

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