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Entry for September 02, 2006

So serious allergic reactions have risen 600% and food allergies by 400% since 1990. Mmmm…I wonder what became popular around that time? Around the same time as my parents bought one…

Could it all be linked to microwaveable plastic containers? Or formula fed babies?

Food Allergy Hospitalizations Rise 400 Percent

Hospital admissions for anaphylaxis (serious allergic reaction in several areas of the body) have risen by 600%, and those for food allergy by 400%, since 1990. Prescriptions for all types of allergy have also increased during this time.

The findings are based on a time trends analysis of information from national surveys, consultations with primary care health practitioners, prescriptions, hospital admissions, and deaths.

The good news in the study was that eczema and hay fever rates seem to have stabilized, but the researchers speculate that the increases, including the huge 400 percent increase in hospitalizations for food allergies, may be due to changes in medical care or in the sources of allergic disease.

Some of the most allergenic foods out there are pasteurized milk, soy and wheat (gluten), so if you think you’re suffering from a food allergy, avoiding these foods is nearly always helpful. You can also be sensitive to food additives like artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers (MSG), so avoiding processed foods may also help.

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