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Entry for September 02, 2006


“No one knows your health better than you.”

I came across a web site that allows people to write reviews and opinions of different medical conditions and rate each treatment for effectiveness. This is such as great find. I can add all of my discoveries to the site and other people can learn about my experiences. Here’s what it says:

What We Are

RemedyFind is an independent, unbiased site where individuals and healthcare professionals can rate the effectiveness of different treatments for specific health conditions. Our philosophy is that the everyday, real-life experiences of individuals are an invaluable and largely untapped health resource.

RemedyFind is not owned, sponsored or underwritten by pharmaceutical or nutritional companies and has no vested interest in promoting any particular health remedy. We promise that the information and ratings presented at RemedyFind are completely unbiased and are not influenced by any outside commercial interests, advertisers or special interest groups.

What We Hope To Achieve

(Brett is a native Californian who graduated with an honors degree in Religious Studies from Lancaster University in Great Britain. He wrote and produced documentary and educational films for 15 years before experiencing a relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1994.)

In 1982 I was newly married. With much youthful enthusiasm I decided to take on the job of repainting and doing general fix-up work to our new home. After several months of this dusty, toxic work I came down with strep throat. The problem was, even after multiple courses of antibiotics, and with lab tests showing that there was no active infection, I still felt miserable. I was completely exhausted – simply walking to the other end of the house would leave me tired most of the day. Looking back on it, I think this was the start of my battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also commonly known as CFS; CFIDS; and M.E.).

What took place in the following years will be depressingly familiar to many of you who suffer from chronic health conditions. I saw literally dozens of doctors and alternative health professionals. I tried a multitude of different treatments – drugs, diets, counseling, alternative medicine and bodywork techniques. Some helped more than others. At least by 1988 the medical world had a name (though a wholly inadequate one) for this ailment – “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. Unfortunately, few physicians knew what to do about it. Alternative health therapists were generally much more confident about what would help, but their enthusiasm for their own particular treatment was not always the most objective opinion.

Over the years I’ve found that one of the most useful tools in dealing with my personal health problems has been to keep a journal listing my reactions to the different treatments I’ve tried. Rating each one for its effectiveness, side-effects etc. has really helped me keep track of what has worked, and what hasn’t. When I thought more about it, I realized that this method could also be useful for most health conditions, which was the inspiration for creating the RemedyFind site.

RemedyFind’s goal is to serve as a supportive virtual community where individuals and healthcare professionals can rate the effectiveness of the various treatments they have used for specific health conditions. Not just pharmaceutical medications, but the whole gamut of potential remedies – from herbs and vitamins to alternative therapies. By pooling together our experiential wisdom about different health remedies I believe we can help each other save time, energy and money as we cope with and eventually conquer debilitating illnesses.

– Brett Hodges, RemedyFind Founder and President


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