Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 31, 2006

All morning, I still have the really bad symptoms of allergies. Runny nose, puffy red eyes and sneezing constantly. It’s driving me crazy!

I know this has happened recently so I look back in the blog and find the date: August 2nd. I check through my banking transactions for that day and there is one purchase at Zellers. It’s in the same mall I was in yesterday and although I’m not 100% sure, I think we ate in the same food court but I ate at a different resturant.

Now that I’ve thought about both meals, there is a connection: Roasted potatoes.

I’ve always loved roasted potatoes and at home we have them a few times a week. I suspect the difference is the sauce. At the greek restaurant they have serve the potatoes in a great tasting tomato sauce and there was the same type of sauce on the potatoes at the second restaurant.

I’m scrolling through my blog to see if I can find any reference to my allergies. Do I find anything? Yup: July 6th. I checked my online banking transactions again and this time, I don’t have any clues…

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