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Entry for August 31, 2006

The sneezing, red itchy eyes and runny nose continue into the late evening.

I tried to get up from a kneeling position tonight and I noticed some mild improvement. Maybe the new enzymes are working!

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Entry for August 31, 2006


Follow appointment with my doctor…

As he walks in he notices that I am sneezing and have a runny nose. He casually mentions that my symptoms appear to be sinusitis but doesn’t say anything more.

The first thing he asks is if there is any improvement since the B2 injection. Yup, the tingling on the top of my head has stopped completely. I even stopped using the vitamins that would make it stop and it never came back. He was very happy to hear this great news. Then I launch into my latest research about magnesium leading to the chemical imbalance.

I tell him that I’ve been experimenting with different dosages and he wants me to keep taking it. I ask him about magnesium injections and he said he would prefer to see me try the oral doses before we get to the injection.

He writes down some notes on my file and he’s very happy about these new discoveries. He gives me the B2 injection and it was a bit more painful than the first time around and he explains he switched to a smaller needle this time. He recommends that I also take a multivitamin daily.

My eyes are slightly red and itchy so I quickly ask him to take a look. He takes a quick glance and asks me if I drink tea? He then recommends that I put used tea bags underneath my eyes for the citric acid content.

He doesn’t think it’s anything serious although he’s not an eye doctor and it was hardly a eye exam. I don’t drink tea so I won’t bother with the teabags.

Another follow up in three weeks.

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Entry for August 31, 2006

All morning, I still have the really bad symptoms of allergies. Runny nose, puffy red eyes and sneezing constantly. It’s driving me crazy!

I know this has happened recently so I look back in the blog and find the date: August 2nd. I check through my banking transactions for that day and there is one purchase at Zellers. It’s in the same mall I was in yesterday and although I’m not 100% sure, I think we ate in the same food court but I ate at a different resturant.

Now that I’ve thought about both meals, there is a connection: Roasted potatoes.

I’ve always loved roasted potatoes and at home we have them a few times a week. I suspect the difference is the sauce. At the greek restaurant they have serve the potatoes in a great tasting tomato sauce and there was the same type of sauce on the potatoes at the second restaurant.

I’m scrolling through my blog to see if I can find any reference to my allergies. Do I find anything? Yup: July 6th. I checked my online banking transactions again and this time, I don’t have any clues…

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Entry for August 31, 2006

Previous Night Vibration Status: NONE
Morning Vibration Status: Extremely Weak

The only thing I did different yesterday with my vitamins was reduce the dosage of magnesium. I was taking two capsules instead of three. I still have diarrhea so I’m trying to cut down.

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