Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 30, 2006


I’ve been reading a book now for a couple of days called “Micro Miracles: Discover the healing power of enzymes”. Here is what she says:

PAGE 17:

“Vitamins and minerals don’t activate until they unite with enzymes. If that doesn’t happen, they get flushed from the body unused. People may be taking supplements but all they are gettig is expensive urine.”

On page 33 she explains in detail what enzymes to look for and the dosage. I get a call from the health food store and the homeopathic remedy of Magnesia Phosphorica 30 C has arrived. While I’m there, I pick up an enzyme supplement that has most of the ones she talks about in her book. It’s called “DigestMore Ultra” and it’s made from plant enzymes.

I save my last capsules of magnesium and B complex and take them with the new enzymes…


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