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Entry for August 27, 2006


An couple of weeks ago, my wife showed me the back of her neck. It was all red and she said it was eczema. I knew it was some kind of skin irritation so I asked Doctor Google about the cause:

Hives, Eczema and Candida
Hives are caused by mast cells dumping histamine into the skin’s blood vessels. This may be in response to allergies or chemicals. Poor gut flora tend to increase the number or allergies and chemical sensitivities that people have. Indeed, there seems to be many people with the yeast syndrome who experience hives.

Poor absorption of minerals can also be part of the problem. In particular, low magnesium will make you more susceptible to hives. Magnesium stabilizes mast cells. Thus more magnesium may reduce the amount of histamine that is released and may help prevent hives.

Sometimes, eczema is a manifestation of an overworked liver — a liver that cannot keep up with eliminating all the toxins with which it is presented. Poor intestinal flora may contribute to this situation, and is associated with eczema.

If you have problems with eczema, this is a possible indication that you have hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid hormone). Hypothyroidism is common when there is Candida overgrowth. However, hypothyroidism is not always detected by the usual blood tests. The Broda Barnes basal metabolism test will help your doctor determine if you need thyroid. You can do this simple test before your appointment If your basal temperature is low, see an alternative doctor and discuss this with him/her. 

So there may be a connection between eczema, Candida and low magnesium levels. How interesting…

I think we should both take our basal temperature. I’m curious to know what her readings are and I’m curious to know if mine are any different from last year with all of my vitamin/mineral supplementation.


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