Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 23, 2006

Stopped into a small fruit market at Union Station this morning on the way to work. This will be my breakfast and lunch. Two apples, three bananas, three plums, a nectarine and a bag full of grapes.

I’m going to try another experiment today. In my magnesium research, I’ve read that it’s better to take smaller doses more frequently. Because my new version of magnesium citrate is only 100 mg, I’ll take one every few hours.

By the end of the day I didn’t like effect. It appeared that after a time, I’d feel these weird mild chest pains like body is telling me it needed more magnesium. I’d take a capsule and the weird pain would go away completely. On the way home, I was reading in Carolyn Dean’s book about the dosages and she often recommends multiple 300 mg dosage. So at dinner, I took one 300 mg dose.

Also ran out of my Omega 3 supplement today. I started taking them at a higher dosage lately but I’m really not sure if it made any difference.

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