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Entry for August 18, 2006


I’ve heard about Kevin Frankish and his sudden panic attacks. I think he has a magnesium deficiency and sent him an email telling him about the book I am reading by Carolyn Dean: “The Miracle of Magnesium”.

Here’s his story:

Kevin Frankish Dealing With Panic Attacks
Wednesday July 12, 2006

He’s the calm, collected face of Toronto’s number one morning show, Breakfast Television.  But Kevin Frankish recently revealed that behind the cool exterior he’s been experiencing crippling panic attacks. 

For Frankish, the attacks came totally out of the blue and didn’t seem to have a recognizable trigger. 

“All of a sudden my heart starts racing, my entire body turns warm. You just feel like you are about to lose control.”

“They came out of nowhere,” adds CityNews Production Floater Andy Boehme.  “He didn’t now what the heck it was when it first started.”

Kevin has been dealing with the panic attacks for the past couple of months. At times they were so bad while he was on air they would have to go to commercial break.

“I would see a look of confusion in his eyes and not necessarily panic but he thought he was going to faint and that’s what I thought, too,” adds Boehme.

Last week Kevin took his “B.T.” team by surprise when he shared his problem with viewers.

“Our viewers needed a explanation. It would be 6:30 and one minute, you would see Kevin and for the rest of the show he is gone. And I had to explain to our viewers first of all and then I got flooded with emails. And everybody said, ‘I had them, I had them. And hang in there. And some e-mails would hurt me, and they would say ‘I have them all the time so basically I stay home.’ ”

On Wednesday’s edition of B.T., Kevin interviewed an anxiety expert to let sufferers know they are not alone.

“As far as children, anxiety is number one disorder for children in Canada,” explained therapist Jim Hall.  “And with adults it runs neck and neck with depression.”

“We have to get it out in the open,” Frankish adds.  “This is not something to be ashamed of. It is not something to be ashamed of so talk about it.”

Then I came across his personal update in his blog:

Panic Attacks
July 12, 2006

It is very true…there IS strength in numbers!
A few weeks ago when I suffered my first panic attack on the air, I was alone. 

All of a sudden now, I am not just part of a crowd, I am among friends.  Since revealing my problem on the air, you have sent me your e-mails and stopped me on the street to tell me your stories. Panic attacks, or anxiety attacks, affect millions of people in North America.  Some people hide in their homes, lose their jobs, turn to drugs or alcohol.

How is it possible that the impact and reach of something more common than most diseases is kept so quiet. In a word “Shame!”

For some reason we are ashamed to admit to a problem of the mind.  We aren’t shy to tell someone we have a cold, or a broken leg…but we fear what others will think of us if we admit to panic attacks. 

Folks, this is as much a physical problem as it is a mental problem.  A thought, a trigger, releases chemicals into our bodies to deal with stress.  We overdose on this stuff.  When it happens…it is real! 

We were thrilled to invite Jim Hall on the show this morning (pictured above).  He is a therapist that deals with people who suffer from anxiety.  He suggests dealing with this problem head on.  While he recognizes the benefits of drugs to help control the problem in the short term, he points out that counseling, exercise and other relaxation techniques go a long way. 

To my colleagues at Breakfast Television and CityNews, thank you for your support.  To my doctor Mike McConvey, Homeopathic Doctor Bryce Wylde and Acupuncture Doctor Susan Macrae…thank you!  But most of all…there is Beth.  My beautiful wife puts up with enough from me…having her help me through this and be by my side brings meaning to the phrase “for better or for worse.”

Now, to all of you suffering from this…listen up.

The first thing you are going to do for me is talk to someone…anyone!  A friend, a family member, a priest.  Admit it to yourself and don’t be ashamed of it.

Next…go see a doctor. 

Next…eat better, sleep better, exercise.

Next…consider acupuncture and/or massage.

Next…talk more about it with someone.

Next…natural remedies like Rhodiola and Niacin to help build up your stress busters.  (try to consult a homeopathic doctor first)

Next…talk more about it with someone.

Next…STAND YOUR GROUND!  Do not let this keep you trapped at home.  Do not let this rule your life…you rule it.  It will pass.  It will not kill you.

Next…realize you are not alone.

I would love to hear your stories and keep up with your progress, especially if you have no one else to talk to.  e-mail me at kevinf@citytv.com.  I am trying to answer all the e-mails but I am getting so many so please don’t be frustrated if you don’t get a response.  I read every single e-mail.

I continue reading his blog and find the one posted two days ago. He has a summer cold, feeling lousy, has insomnia and aching all over. More symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. He has a very high profile homeopathic doctor so why wasn’t magnesium mentioned in his update??

Hello From the Sick Bed
August 16, 2006

O.K., I’m not really confined to a “sick-bed” but I feel lousy. It is just after midnight and I can’t sleep.  I have fallen victim to a summer cold.  I ache all over.


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