Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 18, 2006

Woke up with no vibration…this is definitely working. Now that I understand homeopathic remedies a little better, I decide to look up the remedy that the naturopath gave me. It was called “Calc Carb” and here is what I find:

Calcium Carbonate

The Calc  Carb type is generally plump, chilly and under-active. Perhaps due to a slow metabolism, they are sluggish and have a shy contemplative nature. They tend to be unambitious and non-competitive and are great procrastinators. They lack confidence and avoid responsibility.

They can have a big appetite with a liking for sweets, cakes and eggs and be overweight. They are easily tired and can suffer with head sweats or joint abnormalities.

Weak areas of the body include the bones and teeth, bowels, ears, nose and throat, glands and skin.

This remedy is made from calcium carbonate, which is derived from the oyster shell. The type of person needing this remedy is quiet, cautious and very sensitive. Generally they are very healthy and enthusiastic in their work. In contrast, when they become ill, they become introspective and lacking motivation.

Calc Carb is often used to treat back and joint pains, headaches, ear or eye infections, eczema, thrush, digestion, PMS.

So she gave me calcium. No wonder it had no effect and didn’t work. I’m guessing she gave it to me for the suspected “candida” treating the thrush and digestion. I don’t have any of the other symptoms it’s used for.

Knowing what I know now, I’m not quite sure why she gave this to me. She gave me this homeopathic remedy on my first visit and my main symptom was neurological. The stomach bloating and digestion problems were the secondary symptom. At the time I don’t believe I had any thrush and I know for sure she didn’t check my tongue.

That’s another thing I find weird. If there was a suspected candida overgrowth, wouldn’t I be displaying thrush on my tongue and shouldn’t that be an obvious place to check? The accupuncture doctor was the only one to even look at my tongue and she never mentioned candida.


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