Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 17, 2006

Multiple Sclerosis Radically Improves With Simple Diet Changes
By Jim Marlow, chief nutritionist at the Optimal Wellness Center

Gwen is a 26-year-old who was diagnosed last year with Neural demyelination, associated with probable Multiple Sclerosis. Her brain MRI, done in November 2005, showed five to six spots (light gray, old ones) and a couple that were active.

The past five years were very stressful for her. She does have a history of tremors since age 13 or 14. She used to get migraines with some vision loss. She has had a severely low libido, moderate sinus problems, dry skin and fatigue. 

After taking the Metabolic Typing test, she was assessed as a MIXED type. A review of her lab analysis from December 2005 identified that she clearly had been over-consuming carbohydrates and under-consuming protein. Also, her omega-3 fat and LDL cholesterol levels were very low — and omega-3 fats are critical to improving MS. A review of her Hair Element Analysis identified small but significant levels of mercury, arsenic and cadmium.  

For seven weeks now, Gwen has been doing her best to follow the Prime MIXED type nutrition plan, and she continues to have a very good response to it. Because of our entire program, she reports that ALL of her symptoms have improved. She is eating very well despite her difficulty in obtaining organic foods. She reports that she has experienced complete elimination of tingling and headaches, and a remarkable reduction in the occurrence of dry skin and sinus problems.

She also reports that she has not been having nightmares anymore, so she is sleeping much better, and her energy level is much improved. In fact, she stated that “my energy level is a thousand times better than it was.” 

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