Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 10, 2006


Went to the doctor’s office this morning with the riboflavin glued to my hands. I decided today not to take my morning vitamins to see if the needle would have any effect. While I am in the waiting room, my eyes are really itchy and I wash them twice with the running tap water.

He comes in and says “I believe you have something for me”. “I have a present for you” I joke with him and I hand him the injections. He looks it over and asks me where I managed to get it. I ordered it from the internet and it looks like they came from Romania. He opens the package and pulls out the intructions. The writing is in Romanian and he finds what he is looking for. He breaks the top of the vial and he’s got the needle ready to go.

He says it has to go into the buttocks so I bend over and he injects the needle. He only uses one of the vials and hands me the four back in the package. The muscles around by buttocks start twitching really strong so I mention it to him. He doesn’t seem surprised and said to have a follow up appointment in three weeks to see if it has any effect on the vibrations.

I sure hope so…


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