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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 09, 2006

Good Vibrations
by SARAH STACEY, You Magazine

16:36pm 28th July 2006

The notion that our bodies have a natural energy field around them may sound like New Age hocus pocus. In fact, the US National Institute of Health not only recognises this complex electro-magnetic energy system but, in 1994, coined the phrase ‘biofield’ to describe it.

The problem is that other physical objects, including modern communications and office equipment, also emit frequencies and electromagnetic energy, which can have an adverse effect on our bodies.

Holistic physican Dr Mark Atkinson explains: ‘the body’s electro-magnetic field provides a template for the physical body; any imbalance in this field gets reflected by the body as a disturbance in cell structure and function, which is the precursor state to illness.’

I’ve been exploring two technologies that claim to rebalance the biofield. Bi-Aura Therapy is an intensive system of ‘bio-energy healing’ where the practitioner moves their hands around your (fully-clothed) body but doesn’t touch you.

Practitioners complete a nine month course at the end of which they must demonstrate they can use it in a way that brings benefit to others. Dr Atkinson, who has studied this himself, has no doubt it can help. I had one Bi-Aura session (a course of four is recommended), which left me feeling soothed – as if I had been repacked and put together tidily.

The practitioner Sue Atwood told me that elderly people often see a significant improvement in quality of life.

The second is the Qlink pendant, which was introduced to me by two doctors, Dr Wendy Denning and Professor Kim Jobst. This employs Sympathetic Resonance Technology which, the makers claim, ‘repairs and tunes your biofield’ so it functions optimally.

I met its originator, Robert Williams, (a musician who once played saxe with the Beach Boys), whose own health crisis in the 1970s led him to work with leading scientists to develop this device, which marries natural energy in the shape of crystalline structures with cutting edge technology.

According to Professor Jobst, ‘Qlink is a safe and effective tool that helps guard the cells of the body against electromagnetic field effects – e-smog – from computers, mobile phones, engines and so on. It helps to combat stress and promote sound sleep; the effects on blood pressure and heart rate are impressive in some patients. I have seen some remarkable – and sustained – effects.’

Dr Atkinson says: ‘it made a lot of difference to me when I was working hard at the computer, in terms of sustained energy and clarity of thinking.’

As with pharmaceutical drugs, there may be a placebo effect although Professor Jobst points out that the ‘remarkable’ effects seen in race horses and other animals sporting a Qlink mean there is something more, which merits serious research.

One thing I know: neither technology carries a risk of side effects.

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