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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 06, 2006

Bacillus Subtilis sounds like something that would be in acidophilus. I check out the local health food store and scour the fridge. They have a lot of different types and brands of acidophilus so I check every one for Bacillus Subtilis. I find one and it costs $65.00! WOW! Maybe I don’t need it that bad…

I spoke briefly to the salesperson and she told me that Bacillus Subtilis is not commonly found in a health food store supplement. She suggested I try a local naturopath but I told her I wasn’t from the area and I’m not going back to my naturopath so it’s a dead end.

I check my acidophilus when I get home and it doesn’t contain it. It may not contain it, but I know it works. Let’s look up the Ultra Flora capsules that the naturopath gave me.

Ultra Flora Plus:

Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFMA the most extensively tested acidophilus in the world. Bifidobacterium is one of the most abundant and perhaps most important bacteria groups in humans. Combined use of these organisms better reflects the natural bacterial composition of a healthyintestinal tract and may support desired clinical outcomes better than using either alone.

This is all very interesting but I think I’ll wait for Romania…

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