Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 03, 2006

My daughter has picked the worse week to go through teething. For the past few nights my wife and I have been up all hours of the night trying to settle her. She’s okay if we are holding her but try and put her down to sleep? Forget it.

My eyes are burning this morning and I had tired itchy eyes before the lack of sleep. I’ve been using Visine for my bloodshot eyes but it really doesn’t help the itching. So it’s down to Shoppers to see if I can find any eye drops for tired eyes.

Once again, I find myself in the eye care isle and I’m reading every package to find something for tired eyes. Nope, nothing…everything is for dry itchy eyes so I’m guessing that tired eyes can cause the dry itching feeling. I check the ingredients from the visine package and it appears that a lot of the eye drops are the same except for one called “Refresh Lacri-Lube” which is an ocular lublicant rather than drops.

It’s a thick gel and it temporarily blurs my vision as I start rubbing it into my eyes. After about an hour they start feeling a lot better. They are still red of course but at least they aren’t itchy anymore.

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