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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 02, 2006

Riboflavin is one of three vitamins (A & B12) involved in the regulation of circadian rhythms in humans. Could this be why I’ve never had a refreshing sleep? I know I was deficient in vitamin A, my b12 tested fine so now I just need the last piece of the puzzle…


Recent research has found that riboflavin is one of three vitamins involved in the regulation of circadian (daily) rhythms in humans and other mammals. Riboflavin helps to activate certain light-sensitive cells in the retina of the eye that synchronize the animal’s daily biological rhythms with the solar light/darkness cycle.


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Entry for August 02, 2006

I tried an experiment today. I took 1 SISU Multi-Vi-Min capsule with my breakfast and another one with my lunch. For dinner, I decided to have a SISU B Complex instead. About an hour after taking it, I start sneezing like crazy. In fact, I’m sneezing for most of the night. Then I remember what the SISU site said about B Complex allergies.

Super B Complex
The richest sources of the B-vitamins are brewer’s yeast, liver, whole grain cereals, and yeasts, molds, bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, this poses a problem for people with allergies. To compound the problem, many vitamin B supplements are highly allergenic.

Riboflavin should not be taken by anyone with a B vitamin allergy or chronic renal disease. Other populations are unlikely to experience any difficulty from taking supplemental B2.

The SISU B Complex is specially formulated for people with B Complex allergies. So if it turns out that I am allergic, then I am allergic to the one thing I need the most to get better. But was it the vitamins or was it something I ate?

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Entry for August 02, 2006


Here’s a picture of my lips taken last week before starting the new multi-vitamin.

Looking at this picture, I think it’s obvious that there is something wrong. Of all the doctors that I’ve seen with my symptoms only the acupuncture doctor thought it was something out of the ordinary but she never went further than that.

She would ask me at every appointment if I was drinking enough water and everytime, I would reply: “Yes, I drink two litres a day.” But no one ever mentioned a vitamin deficiency.

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Entry for August 02, 2006


No vibrating when I went to bed yesterday and a very weak vibration this morning. Maybe it’s too early to tell but I’m positive that these new vitamins from SISU are working better than anything I’ve tried before.

So let me get this straight. I’ve mentioned Riboflavin deficiency to my doctor, the naturopath, countless pharmacies, health food stores and hospitals. Told them all that I’d been taking B Complex for months with no results or improvement and the one supplement that works better than anything else I have ever tried before, was on the shelf of a local grocery store.

When I spoke to the Loblaws pharmacist a while back about Riboflavin Butyrate he suggested I speak to the person in charge of the health food section. I spoke to her and explained that I was looking for the fat soluble version of Riboflavin for better absorption and she said she couldn’t help me.

The SISU vitamins were right beside us as we were talking…

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