Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 28, 2006

After my story this morning, a co-worker decides to google B2 injections to see if anything comes up. She comes arcoss a web site that lists a whole bunch or injectable vitamins and they ship to Canada. She sends me the link and yes they do have injectable vitamins!!!

They have a wide variety of injectable vitamins:

Scientific studies prove constantly that Vitamins injections are much more efficient than tablets &  gel  caps. The molecular structure of the vitamin is not attacked by the whole digestive system, its acids and enzymes. Consequently the absorption/retention rate is much higher and the results are faster and much more efficient. Those Vitamins are dietary supplements in the USA. We offer also Mega doses 5mg of Folic Acid (B Vitamins) in tablets.

The maker of GeroVital ® offers now 100% efficient Vitamins injections in vials. Those dietary supplements are approved and controlled by the Romanian Department of Health. Their quality is guaranteed by the stringent  European ISO and GMP certifications. We offer now Multivitamins injectable.

Those injections are recommended for athletes, people suffering from a known disease, seniors, Children, depression and fatigue, etc.They may be utilized for Pet treatments.

We offer 100% pure  A, B1, B2,  B6, B12, C, D2, D3 & E injectable vitamins, Multivitamins,  Romanian GeroVital H3 & Calcium in Injections. We deliver worldwide, no prescription are needed (which make our prices even more attractive).
Please see the effects and recommendations on each vitamins in clicking on the left (source Oregon State University-Lisa Pauling Institute Micro Nutrient Information Center). To order it safely click the secure button “CC buy Now”.

So that’s exactly what I do. I click on the secure button “CC buy Now”…


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